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2 hours ago, small h said:

I started that miniseries because I got it confused with House of Gucci. It did not hold my interest. Was the doc any good?

It's interesting. Lots of archival footage and interviews. But they're using a strange framing device. Didn't finish, but that's because it's two hours long and I started watching after 10 pm and i needed to get to sleep.

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1. Friday Night Lights. I'm gonna start shilling like crazy for this show. When I first heard they were turning the movie into a TV show, I figured it would end every week with the team hitting the

oh, damn, i didn't know that. now i'm depressed--i really liked that show.

Here you go -   At the time I wrote that the show was being broadcast on WLIW. It appears to be out of the rotation right now but should be available on Netflix.

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11 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

Tour de France. Daily. A fascinating show, with high production values, occasional humor, drama, blood, sweat, guts, etc.

To say nothing of the stunning scenery.

And geez - is Pogačar poised to win like 5 TdFs in a row?

Sadly, the run is over this weekend.


9 hours ago, bloviatrix said:

We've been watching it as well. Bob Roll is less obnoxious paired with Phil then when he was in the studio. Cavendish has pulled off a remarkable comeback. Incredible stage wins from a guy who wasn't even supposed to be in the race.

Did you follow Lachlan Morton's Alt Tour?

The kid is insane!

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On 7/13/2021 at 11:37 AM, small h said:

You may. If I can brag that I saw John Malkovich and Joan Allen in Burn This. Twice. I also saw the version with Edward Norton and Catherine Keener and thus discovered it was not the show that I liked, it was John Malkovich.

A line up of my wife Ginny's friends on that production.  Commissioned by Circle Rep, where she did lots of shows, her friend Jody stayed as Asst. Stage Mgr. when it moved to Bdway.   We also liked the production with Malkovich/Allen.  

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White Lotus.  Again, it's either a very well-produced piece of crap or something brilliant.  The characters are so absurdly stereotyped, it's hard to take them seriously.  But perhaps I'm not supposed to.

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On 7/15/2021 at 10:05 AM, Anthony Bonner said:

Succession 3.

I just saw one of the actors who was apparently shooting in Tuscany (?) until yesterday, so I guess it's got to be a few months away.

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The absolutely fascinating documentary The Games, 1912, assembled from hours of recently restored footage shot at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics by a Swedish & American filming crew.  It's a historical record of Stockholm at the time, summer fashions, the aristocratic era that would end 2 years later, and the types of events which used to be held at the Olympics, like military 3-position shooting (standing, kneeling, prone) and tug-of-war (the gold medal was won by the Brits, a team comprised of London bobbies).  The diving and water polo competitions were held outdoors,  on the waters near Stockholm City Hall.  (Did they have indoor swimming facilities then?  And I didn't know that water polo was already a thing in 1912.)  The uniforms are long and baggy, and the other gear is pretty primitive.  And the only non-European or North American athletes I've seen have been from Chile, Japan, and Morocco.

Because it's a silent movie, the music accompaniment has been tailored to fit the scene, from processionals when the royal family promenades down to the stadium to "Rule Brittania" and "The Marseillaise" when the British and French athletes parade to "Yankee Doodle" when the American winner of the 100-meter dash is shown.  One funny thing that N noticed: when they showed the South African winner of a cycling road race, the music was the current national anthem, "Nkosi Sikeleli iAfrika", which only began being used in 1994.  (At the time, the Union of South Africa was only 2 years old, and "God Save the King" would still have been the anthem.)

I haven't finished the film yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing footage of Jim Thorpe.  I already saw the quick glimpse of George Patton (yes, that Patton) in the epee part of the modern pentathalon (which was developed to show off the military skills of the day, like swordsmanship and shooting).  TCM, which aired this documentary, also aired one called The White Stadium, shot at the 1928 Winter Games in Innsbruck.

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