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dining alone in AC

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I don't like AC. i don't gamble, I hate smoke, I hate velour sweat suits.


On that positive note :hmmm: , I will be there Tues and Wed evening, at the Real Estate Convention. One coworker canceled, and another is coming down a day later. So I am solo. Days will be filled with continuing Ed classes. I am staying at the Sheraton.


I don't want to travel far..no whitehouse subs, not roughing it. Looking for nearby alternatives and upgrades to hotel fare. Price not an option. Suggestions with bars that are comfortable to eat at very much appreciated..I think eating at a bar alone is preferable to eating at a table alone.


My option is to watch sappy Christmas movies and order room service. I love those little fat ketchup bottles. This is not a bad option, actually. I'm really leaning towards it. Maybe a bit of ebay surfing, a nice Cabernet...


Yes, there are the social networking drinkfests in the evenings..been there, done that, not in the frame of mind for such due to some personal stuff going on right now.


Look forward to your suggestions, thanks.

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i don't have a clue about AC per se but i'm just back from Vegas where we had an excellent dinner at Michael Mina's Stripsteak, and i'm sort of glad to know that he has a restaurant at Borgata: i think you should give it a try - how about dining at the bar?


also how about Susanna Foo's Suilan - at Borgata as well?

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The bar at Michael Mina's place in the Borgata is quite nice. Several people dined there during our visit in July.


The Wolfgang Puck establishment across the way (tables) from Mina's had a very nice look to it, with a bar and tables of various sizes, etc.


Kim, where is the Sheraton in AC?


Here's a noodle bar located adjacent to the Caesar's high roller pit... Kwi Noodle Bar


Here's a Burger Bar located adjacent to Resorts. It sounds like a rip-off of the LV establishment...

Burger Bar

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Thanks for the input. I wound up last night at Ruth Chris, solo. Those are very liquid-y steaks. Tasty, but "wet". I was back watching Jennifer Anniston in "the Breakup" by 8:30, with two frangelicos from room service. Lovely. Tonite I will be at Borgata with a small group, who preferred Flay's to Mina's..so I'll miss Seablue. However I am going to check it out a litle more closely so that I'm more prepared for next years convention. I might join them at the slots for an hour, but my plan is to be back as early as possible, to watch Little Miss Sunshine.



Liza, I think all the NY Board of Realtors have their big party events tonite.


We were evacuated this morning from the AC convention center, BTW. Its amazing how differently I react to a fire alarm now as pre-911. What a world.

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How about staying in your hotel room with the tv, a bucket of fried chicken, and a bottle of bourbon?


This is what I would do. Mo you read my mind! Not too sure about the chicken unless someone vouches for it. I would even go down for a few to check the losers at the casino. As a former government "servant" ( :angry: ) with a zillion nights in convention cities like AC, I know what I am talking about. :) :)

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The Bergen Record has a short mention of Luke Palladino's Risi Bisi, a quick meals place off Borgata's gaming floor.


From an attractively arranged display case, customers place their orders, and their food is served within minutes.


The small breakfast menu offers bagel sandwiches, egg wraps, omelets and Italian toast made with brioche.


For lunch, dinner and late snacks, the white pizza with chicken, spinach and oven-dried tomatoes, and the white portobello mushroom pizza are popular choices, while six panini are served with a variety of stuffing choices.


Wrought-iron chairs and tables overlooking a patio make for an ideal people-watching setting, and all orders are available to take out.


Rice & Peas

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