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Among the notable:   Asian Sauces and Marinades - nice book with a quite a few of interesting ideas.   Asian Cook by Terry Tan - his Shiok! on Singaporean food is pretty good, but this one is mus

I decided my cocktail library needed some growth. Cocktail Codex and Dale DeGroff's New Craft of the Cocktail arrived yesterday.

Electronic version of SuperFoods Rx , after reading an eye-opening (for me of course) article in UK Observer.

Also got what i consider to be a companion of sorts, A Spoonful of Ginger by Nina Simonds.

And nutrition or not, a new volume by Marcella :D


The holiday season is there, and there are so many expectations, but as those books start to appear in local bookstores, i'm already happy to pass on Bourdain, Keller, Telepan and Portale.

On the other hand, Asian Tapas: Small Bites, Big Flavors was ordered as soon i got home...

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Gourmand International just published the preliminary list of ***star rated cookbooks of the year: Cookbooks Stars.

The US list looks especially dull, although i haven't seen the new edition of Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking (i have the old one and am planning to get a new edition).

No surpise to see HFW's Meat - of course well deserved.

The only two other titles i'm interested in are Didier Corlou’s Ma cuisine Vietnamienne and Flavours of the Middle Kingdom: The Origins of Traditional Chinese Dishes.

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Ron, what books did you look at?

In case you don't care much for authenticity, for extraodinary modern midlle eastern flavors my absolute favorite is Arabesque by Greg Malouf.

from one of the numerous rave reviews:

"Greg Malouf is widely admired as one of Australia's most innovative influential chefs. His passion for the aromas, flavours and textures of his Lebanese heritage have led him to forge a unique modern Middle Eastern cuisine. He draws his inspiration from childhood memories, family traditions and his travels through the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Moorish Spain.".

Experts (Wolfert and Balic among them) adore him.

The book is not that available in US - i got my copy from Kitchen Arts & Letters (actually both of his books) and can't wait for his new book promised to be published next year.

But for authentic Lebanese food you can't go wrong with a book from another australian chef of lebanese origin Abla Amad: Malouf loves her food btw.

Her book can be found on Amazon, very interesting recipes.

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I got quite a few new books recently:

Chinese Gourmet recommended by Toby on another site,

Pork book by Aidells (excellent in terms of both the information and recipes);

and several british titles:

Sausages & Mash and One Pot Cooking - good solid recipes;

Casa Moro - sounds like series of articles in Guardian covered all the best recipes in the book; :D

Simply Lebanese - i should have listened to Vanessa, it's a nice book (horrible pictures though) but not worth the money i paid for it on uk amazon.

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