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Central Market Cooking Class -- One More Chance to See Phil Yennerell Teach in 2006!

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Hey guys..................I know it's late notice, but I am teaching a cookie making class on Friday night, 12/22 starting at 6:30pm. The enrollment is a little light, so if you're not doing anything, please come. The class is entiltled: The Holiday Cookie Tin. I will demo cookie recipies and at the end of the night you'll take home a tin full of cookies.


I will demo: Coconut Thumbprint Cookies, Decorated Sugar Cookies, Mocha Truffle Cookies, Cinnamon Stars, Scottish Shortbread and a surprise recipe. You'll also get a tin of all these goodies.


I will make my famous Corn Chowder to feed you at the start of class and we'll offer some wine to help get your holiday weekend started.


Hope you can make it!!!!!

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It will be a great class! What a nice touch for everyone to receive a tin of cookies to go.


I will see if the lawyer wants to go. It will be a good test to see how much of a foodie she is.....the fact that she does not eat red meat or pork already puts her on thin ice ;)


Phil - much to you disappointment, the musician has already left to spend the holidays with her family so I can not take her to your class.

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