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let me know when you come to Kentucky. I'll steer you toward the best bourbon, country ham, biscuits, fried chicken, burgoo, bbq mutton, rolled oysters, and catfish that are in these parts.



How can I turn down an offer like that? it's on the list


Thanks all for the positive response and the kind e-mails.



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HI All


Just an update for anyone who may be interested


The trip is all coming together very well and I plan to be on the road in June.


My first plan is to see what is going on in my own country and I have some great things planned


I have been invited by the award winning Bury Black Pudding Company to go and make black pudding with them and will do this before the main trip


Basildog is arranging for me to go Mackerel fishing with people he knows off the coast of Cornwall and we have even threatened to put some Bengali food on the Margot's menu for one evening only!!


I will be heading off to The Isle of Jura to make whisky after that and then to Northern Ireland to help harvest Dulse ( edible seaweed which is collected and then sold in pubs around Belfast)


After the UK, I am heading out to a thorabloot, an Icelandic celebration to sample some of the famous buried shark before heading to Helsinki where I have been invited to hunt elk with an elderly finn.


After that, the fun really starts. I shall be heading to Okinawa to stay with the family of a friend before joining a small group for a 18 day food tour of Japan


From there, to Hong Kong where I have been invited to another friend's family home for a few days before heading to Gullin for a five day cookery school.


I will join up with another group for a 21 day trek up towards Beijing where I will pick up the Trans mongolian express for the 16 day trek to St Petersburg. Again, I have been fortunate enough to have a friend put me in touch with someone who is not only putting a roof over my head but local food in my belly.


I shall be coming to the US in early October. Intially to KCM to take part in the American Royal BBQ event. I have decided to travel by train and bus to save some money and to see more of the country. So far some amazing offers from all over the country


That is going to take me to December and I plan to spend a couple of weeks in the UK before heading back out to Morocco, Senegal, Mozambique and South Africa


After that, I need to make more plans but have invitations to head to Malaysia, The Philippines and Cuba


So, a dream is beginning to take shape and I am grateful for all the supporting e-mails and pm's. It is good to know people remember who the hell I am!


Hope to see some of you along the way




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From there, to Hong Kong where I have been invited to another friend's family home for a few days before heading to Gullin for a five day cookery school.


Be sure to take the 1/2 day river "cruise in Guelin (Gullin?). It is touristy but scenery unlike any other. spectacular. I posted a couple of pictures in the photo gallery thread.

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If that is you in the photograph, you sure don't look middle-aged.


If you can find your way to the West Coast (Santa Cruz, California), I will take you to my friend's butcher shop and kitchen, where the aromas will lift your feet off the floor. I will even take you to the farm that raises his pastured pigs and chickens. And if you're here in the summer (July through October, loosely speaking), I will take you to a farm that grows the best golden raspberries I've ever had.


Safe travels!

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I think I must have told you this before... my family is from Okinawa. Quite a different food culture there than on Mainland Japan... almost like comparing Hawaii with the rest of America. I'll have to send you a list of things to eat there that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. (umi budo, andagi, okinawa soba, etc)


Where in Okinawa will you be?

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So, after about six weeks of planning, here is the latest update on the schedule



Primarily in the UK


Mackerel Fishing in Cornwall

Cooking at Margot's, the real restaurant in Padstow

Making Black Pudding with The Bury Black Pudding Company

Working on The Ginger Pig Farm in North Yorkshire ( with a side trip to The Magpie café in Whitby )

Cooking at The Blacksmiths Arms in Westow

On The Whisky Trail in Scotland


JULY 07 ( Japan - China )

On the farm in Okinawa

A 14 day "gourmet" tour of Japan then from Kyoto to Hong Kong

Three days with friends in Hong Kong


AUGUST 07 ( China )

Cookery school in Guillin, China

24 day trek from Guillin to Beijing


SEPT 07 ( China - Russia - Finland- Iceland )

The Trans Mongolian Express from Beijing to St Petersburg

Shown around by locals/friends in St Petersburg

On the train to Helsinki

Elk Hunting in Finland

To a Toorablot in Reykjavik


OCTOBER/NOVERMBER 07 ( USA - in no particular order )

The American Royal BBQ Cook off in Kansas City

To Chicago - including some invitations to be shown around by the locals

Ann Arbor ( hopefully to work at Zingermans )

Visiting the Buffalo Trace distillery at Frankfurt, Kentucky

On The Barbecue Trail in Lockhart

With the locals in NYC

Across country on the train to Seattle

From Seattle to LA Via San Francisco

Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz

)More to be confirmed)


DECEMBER ( South & Central America, Caribbean )

To Oaxaca

Grape harvesting in Mendoza, Argentina

Working on the sugar plantations of Havana Club


JANUARY 08 ( Australia )

With friends in Melbourne

To the Barossa Valley

( More to come )


FEBRUARY ( South East Asia - not as long as I would like, but hey ho )

To Singapore and up to Malaysia to be shown around by some locals



MARCH ( India )

Much still to be confirmed, but certainly visiting a tea plantation in Darjeeling and with family in Calcutta


APRIL ( South Africa, Senegal, Morocco )



MAY ( Southern Europe )

At the Illy Factory in Trieste

Various things in Spain

( more to be confirmed )



Given that, I hope the trip will be life changing, I plan to finish the trip by walking the Camino Francaise from Bordeaux to Santiago Di Campostella


More to be announced, but so far, it is shaping up quite nicely


Thanks again for the supportive PM's and e-mails and, even more, for the enormous hospitality that has been offered along the way.



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