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One of my ex's family were perfectly comfortable walking around naked. Yes, there were arguments from me. Oh yeah, they were adults too. I remember my parents being naked in front of me when I was a kid, but that ended when I started asking questions, if I recall.

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When children in LA played outside.

When children anywhere played outside.

I remember the day that my parents gave my sister and me house keys because they realized they had to start locking the door when no one was home.


This all makes me sad. The best times are outside, building forts, climbing trees, getting into mud fights, making rafts out of old doors to paddle around in creeks and irrigation channels. And I never had a key to the house, someone was always home. How could we have changed in only one generation!

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I line dry 90% of my clothes. It smells better, they last longer and it's a waste of electricity. I have a folding rack for winter and it holds about a load and a half and the clothes are always dry by morning.


Of course this isn't practical in the city, is it?


Edited to add: Martha-type tip = pillow cases are set out to dry on the lavender bushes.

There is a line on pulleys that stretches between my kitchen window and my neighbor's across the service area. I sometimes use it, especially for bed linen, but usually I am too lazy. No lavender, though.

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I was just remembering my mother coming home from work and changing clothes and seeing the girdle marks that made an impression in her skin.

For fulfilling your nostalgia needs, I was just about to offer to bring my "panty girdle" to GDL but remembered I've promised to lighten my luggage - I know, too much information! :lol:

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Is Slip N Slide still around or is that just a lawsuit waiting to happen?


Do you remember the clown head? It was attached to a hose and a part of the head would spin up or something like that.

I vaguely recall the clown head but don't think I saw one outside of a commercial.

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But, but, but what I mean is that I probably was. With a son in the room. After all, it WAS the hippy dippy sixties.


My kids sometimes like to watch me get dressed. They think I'm really glamorous and get giddy watching me do my hair and make up. My boy notices right away when I have a new shade of lipstick or if I have my hair done a little differently. I think it's really sweet.

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