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Embarrassingly, my first was Focus (of Hocus Pocus fame).


Share the shame. I never saw them live, but owned the (double) album. In my defense, it was one of the albums I sold after the Sex Pistols showed me the errors of my ways.

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My first concert was the Who's first farewell tour in '81 or '82, at the Capitol Centre in Landover Maryland. I went with three girlfriends, who were scandalized that I accepted a hit from the joint being passed down our row. Does that ever happen anymore?

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Which part- the scandalized girlfriends or the passing of the joint?

Passing a joint. Maybe it does and it just doesn't get passed to me anymore.


I am still in touch with one of the girlfriends, and she's still a Pollyanna. <_<


(The Who are on farewell tour #5, I think.)

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My very first concert was The Ventures in Osaka.


My most favorite concert was Leonard Cohen in an outdoors venue in Austin - only about 200 in the audience and very intimate.


The worst concert I ever attended was Rod Stewart , about 15 years ago. Yuck.

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I've never been to a rock concert.


But when I was a boy I used to crawl under a fence at Fairlyland Park (you could look it up) in Kansas City to listen to Jay McShann in the music pavilion. Sometimes Charlie Parker would be playing back.


And when I was a young man I used to go to the Embers in Detroit with John Sinclair (yeah, that one) and Lyman Woodward to hear the likes of Roland Kirk and such.


And when Joni Mitchell was still married to Chad and just goin' out on her own, I used to go down to the Sippin' Lizard in Flint to listen. Used to talk to her while she was smoking cigarettes between bouts. Heard one of the first public performances of "The Circle Game."

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