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Chambo's got a mere 3 nights in Barca later this month and was considering playing the Asian dining trifecta of Pakta, Dos Palillos and Koy Shunka.


But now Chambo's wondering if he needs to backtrack to Abac ... hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm ... maybe Dos Palillos needs to get demoted to a lunch ... decisions decisions decisions.


And to further complicate my world of woes, while visiting the domaine Dominio do Bibei in the wilds of Galicia last summer, El Chambo Gallego was jeeping thru the vines and drinking thru their wines with a cool couple who worked at Vila Vinateca (Barca's best bodega). While La La La La-ing, they insisted that Chambo check out Coure's counter and I concurred. Guess Coure would have to be a lunch too.


That's not leaving all that much time for sight-seeing but something's gotta give.


Anyway, it's really all about survival tactics. A bit of fattening up before gastronomic-hibernation in Ibiza.

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Agree re the cava - it was awful.   The tapas was good though, and the atmosphere fun.   In terms of cost, a couple of poker players shouted our bill.

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My nephew is off to Barcelona for the semester, and I'm hoping to visit him some time in Oct/Nov. He assumes he'll be living on sandwiches from Bo de B most of the time, so I want to make sure we have some great meals while I'm in town.


Of my favorites from the last trip: El Cellar de Can Roca probably won't happen; I'd consider Cinc Sentits or Alkimia again; Pinotxo and Quimet & Quimet are definite. He's an adventurous eater, so anything goes.


What else should I put on the list?

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Turns out my nephew is an awesome sightseeing/dining partner. He'd already been doing some championship-level eating, frequently going on his own since his friends at school aren't as interested. In the first 4 days we've been to Bar Mut (he's almost a regular there), Cal Pep, Tapac 24, Cerveseria Catalana, and Pinotxo (I'm forgetting a few).


For my last 3 days, we have a reservation for Roca Moo, and might do a day trip to Figueres for the Dali Museum (I'd welcome any lunch suggestions if that happens). For the remaining meals, we've narrowed down our wish list to: Abac, Tickets, Alkimia, Con Gracia, Quimet & Quimet, Paco Meralgo, Cinc Sentits, and El Quim. Several of those will be impossible without a reservation, but we've been hitting it out of the park until now, so fingers crossed :)


The non-food activities so far have been the Picasso Museum, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, MACBA, and Casa Batlló. He does actually have some classes this week, but we're hoping to fit in the Miró Foundation, Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, and the Tapies Foundation.


The BCN ArTicket is a very good deal, covering 6 of the museums (Picasso, Miró, Tapies Foundation, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, MACBA, and the Centre de Cultura Contemporania (CCCB)) for €30. It's good for three months and allows you to skip the line. Most museums allow one visit per ticket, but the MNAC gave us an additional ticket to come back a second time in the next 30 days.



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Good job, but don't miss Parc Guell. I'd actually see it ahead of the Sagrada Familia. I have never been to Barcelona and found the Tapies joint open. :angry:


Thanks. We've both been to Parc Guell (me on a previous trip, and him a month or so ago), so we've been prioritizing things he hasn't seen yet. It's still a possibility as I didn't really photograph it the last time, and he loves it, so it's part of the backup plan if we don't go to Figueres.

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Fair enough. Did you do Montserrat? Not for the basilica and the religious stuff but the incredible mountain walks and views just above the tourist attraction. Short train ride.


I haven't but my nephew has. He also said the hike was the best part. I might be able to fit that in while he's in class one day.

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Back in Barca !


And it's been a while !


Me at my now semi-fave hotel.


It's pretty darn cool with that rooftop pool ... and a rooftop gym too, with quite the awesome view !


You askin' me if the last time was LAST YEAR ?


You people crazy ! You people are way behind the times !


It was LAST MONTH !!! , my friends !!! Get with it guys !


I'm back in Barca before embarking for Catania cuz I can't get enough of this Catalonian shit.


Man o' man, Chambo's been in and out of Mano Rota ... thought I told ya ... but maybe not.


I totally rocked that place. Dropped some semi-celeb French chef's name (at his suggestion) ... red carpets were then unrolled ... the Red Sea parted ... plop down at the center of the counter ... count out 55e per head to get super-well fed ... and Chambo is way ahead of the pack ... as usual.


Bar Mut ? Yeah yeah yeah ... but who knows about the upstairs at Bar Mut ? Methinks no one but me.


But that's last month's nonsense.


So why am I really back in Barca ?


Cuz Tickets didn't let me in last month ! They had the nerve and audacity to be closed.


Now the average bear would say "Well ... gee golly ... looks like Tickets is going to happen ... aw shucks ... maybe next year".


But Chambo ain't the average bear ... he's hot, not cold ... he's not under, but overbearing.


(Just mooned ya all ! Ha ha ! You didn't even see that did ya ? Ya blinked ! Yep, that was my Arse ! Yeah, it might be a bit of overbearing to be baring my bare bottom before bathing but you gotta be yourself or you'll self-distruct. That's a life lesson for you all ! )


And when you're not the average bear, you got local friends who brag about knowing Tickets ownership ... who boast that they can get in whenever they want ... but I seriously doubted that big bunch of bull.


However, no joke, while in the taxi into town today, I was texted "You should be in Barca ! Tickets just reopened ! Anytime you want, Chambo ! ".


Little did they know that Chambo was about to call their big bad bluff ! My response "In Barca NOW ... heading to hotel ... Tickets is a go ! "


Their immediate response "Processing ...", followed shortly thereafter by "Commence countdown. Table for 4 at 22h".


Barca rocks ! Me got tickets to Tickets without even trying or telephoning or http-ing ... just took 1 tiny text ! Next time, I'll tweet it and y'all see it.


Post-Tickets, maybe Mutis ... and don't think just anyone can meander into Mutis at the moment, my friends. You need to be from a major royal House or have supermodel looks ... sample houses include the Bourbons, the Chambos, the House of Bonner, the House of Usher and other similar long-lasting dynasties.


The night is young, the day is long, Chambo's hot and that water looks oh so refreshing ... hey, quick , check out my tan, man !


[splash ... ]


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