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Barcelona recommendations

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An open letter to two esteemed members who are making their first trip to this, one of my three favorite cities, later this summer. Veterans might wish to skip the "obvious" section:   Obvious thin

On many trips to Barcelona, I stayed in an apartment rented out by its owner. I found it in the columns of a newspaper or magazine, and it was great value (they since sold it) - but it's worth lookin

Agree re the cava - it was awful.   The tapas was good though, and the atmosphere fun.   In terms of cost, a couple of poker players shouted our bill.

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Estimar was terrific: I thought much better than RdG.  We had anchoas, some sauteed clams with sherry, cold red prawns, a whole grilled sole, some salads, chips and patron peppers, rice pudding. Uniformly excellent;  the lenguado was superb, smoky from the grill, perfectly cooked to my taste ( but I like it maybe 30s more cooked than some), amazing seafood. And it was about 250 for 2, with a lot of food, with a bottle of cheap but excellent wine.


Just missed the pea season but did get some setas perrichicos (St George's mushrooms) at Via Veneto with some underpriced Roumier.

Such good food in Barcelona and it doesn't break the bank like it does in some cities.

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I see I still have Hisop in my signature from last year, and it will be hard to resist re-visiting it.

We've been over this ground many times, but if anything really interesting has opened in the last year, I'd be interested to hear.


Via Veneto has never been on my radar. I can't imagine why; I thought I knew all the old places even if I hadn't visited them all.

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