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Horse Racing

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I know three of the indicted people and they all deserve to rot in hell. Everyone involved in this should be sent to prison - and ALL will be given lifetime bans from the sport.


There is no excuse for this type of behavior toward beautiful, innocent animals. :( It's about time something was done to get the small percentage of rogue trainers and vets out of racing. Let this be a lesson to those who are still out there. The sport will be better for this.


Thank you FBI!!!!

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Moving this over from the Barbaro thread.   Horse racing is a sport and Barbaro was an athlete. He was bred to be a race horse.   He was a great horse that had a too short career.   I personall

Isn't a horse also "a piece of machinery built by man" through careful breeding? Actually, Stone seems to make an accurate analogy as both 'machines' are driven/controlled by man, and the man (driver/

That's a good incentive, too! Except they don't know about the knackers until it's too late.

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