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We're leaving Monday for SLC. I honestly don't recall if I've ever been there. I asked around for dining suggestions.

My stepdaughter has a good friend who lives in SLC. She asked him to make some recommendations for us. Here is his list:



Copper Onion


Avenues Proper

Frida Bistro


New Yorker


Cucina Toscana

Market St. Grill

Oyster Bar

Red Iguana II






Paris Bistro

Cafe Niche

Log Haven



Am sure we'll only make it to a fraction of the list, as we won't be there that long and I'll be in conference sessions all day.

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My lovely Dad will be at a palliative care symposium next week. Can we recommend anywhere for him to dine?

Not much of a historic bar culture in the city--surprise. The oldest bar seems to be designed like a Swiss chalet. Since it only has a capacity of 25 people, I'll check the weather before schlepping

We're leaving Monday for SLC. I honestly don't recall if I've ever been there. I asked around for dining suggestions. My stepdaughter has a good friend who lives in SLC. She asked him to make some re

I was there last summer and we really liked our meal at forage. you see the noma, coi, mugartiz, and manresa books when you walk in, and while i can't say how much they're taking from each source it is it's about as mod aus as you're gonna get. the ingredients and execution are very good though, and i think all but one of our dishes worked. the wine program seemed worse than what you would expect here, but as you know I could be wrong about that. the eater piece is the reason we went. my wife's cousin, who seems to have decent taste but has only eaten in utah, says that forage is head and shoulders above the rest of the fine dining.


that was our only "fancy" meal. we had a really nice meal at red iguana, which is much better than any mexican I've had in new york. they'll give you a plate with a small serving of all the moles they have that day which I strongly recommend. they have a few locations, including a fast food concept in the fancy mall near pioneer square.


I also liked my meal at curry fried chicken which would be well regarded if it moved to queens, not like sri or ayada but people would recommend it if someone asked where to get a good version of the dish it serves, which is bangladeshi fried chicken with curry.


we also had terrific tacos in provo, I can get the name if you'll be down there.


the beer scene is terrible by any standard, but I'm told you can get deschuetes, an oregon brewery not distributed on the east coast, if you go to the right state owned liquor store.


the highlight of our trip was a long drive out of the city to take a hike in the uintas, which may not be as pleasant this time of year.

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The one place we thought was really outstanding was Em's: http://emsrestaurant.com/dinner.html


We had another good one or two and I need to look back and see what they were. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised--hadn't thought we'd find much there (based on previous visits many years ago) but things have changed for the better! I will look back in notes/receipts and let you know where we went.

Edited to add that Forage was just too far out for us to visit while we were there, as I had business in SLC every day.

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One place that stands out in my mind is Paris Bistro. The food was quite good, but we did not enjoy it at all. We were seated inside (small) and the owner stood in the doorway to the kitchen and bullied and screamed at the kitchen staff non-stop. I mean I have never heard anyone speak to employees like that in front of customers--telling them to re-do this or that, he wouldn't serve it to a dog, racial slurs, etc. We finally asked to be moved outside. It was truly one of the most uncomfortable experiences we have ever had. I would never go back there and give that horrid man my money.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll be based centrally, so Forage looks like a good bet, and Aaron's in laws can put me up for a few nights. :)


I note Red Iguana and Em's too. I haven't seen anything to eat that's really tipico for SLC, like the game and green chili in Denver. Maybe there isn't anything.

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Funeral potatoes: frozen hash brown potatoes, cream of something soup, sour cream, and shredded cheese, very often topped with cornflakes. Sometimes onion, too--chopped or dried flakes or powder. Of the 10+1 recipes I found on LDS Living, one called for real potatoes and a white sauce, and another used frozen potatoes but was dairy-free (almond milk and Toffutti products instead). The canned cream of something soup was mostly chicken, although one used cream of celery and another, cream of potato; that last one preferred her own version to the one in The Essential Mormon Cookbook using cream of chicken (the +1).


Okay, so it's canned soup and other stuff in a casserole. No doubt a guilty pleasure of many.



ETA: I found this recipe for Homemade Gak to be much more interesting.

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