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Oh, Forage was the place I liked. :(


Beerhive was a good craft beer bar (with an clever ice strip running along the counter). The only palatable cocktails were at Bourbon House, which took some finding.


Avoid Bambara.

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My lovely Dad will be at a palliative care symposium next week. Can we recommend anywhere for him to dine?

Not much of a historic bar culture in the city--surprise. The oldest bar seems to be designed like a Swiss chalet. Since it only has a capacity of 25 people, I'll check the weather before schlepping

We're leaving Monday for SLC. I honestly don't recall if I've ever been there. I asked around for dining suggestions. My stepdaughter has a good friend who lives in SLC. She asked him to make some re

I can't remember now what I might have mentioned before. One place that was new to us last fall and we loved was Martine http://www.martinecafe.com/#dinner .


It was charming, good wines and fantastic service. We'll be heading back in September, so I'll be taking another look at places and will post anything I find.


Sorry to hear about Forage!

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