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What WINE are you drinking?

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B, Interesting comments on a high quality wine. Brunellos, especially from good vintages like 2001, rarely disappoint.   On another tangent, I never read the other "What are you drinking?" thread

god i love Jura wines. another of my very last bottles of 2001 Montbourgeau Cuvee Speciale (i'll be really sad when that's gone) and Overnoy's savagnin. been drinking a lot of the 03 Tissot vin jaune

Is that really a Sangiovese from Sicily?

Omni, did you have any good Swiss pinot noir? I know there are some good ones, that normally don't leave Switzerland, and I want some names for the next time I go there. (in a few weeks)

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2002 Magnificat by Franciscan. I remember loving this wine back the late 90s (but then again, I was probably drinking '97s pretty consistently and it was hard to miss with those).


This has a pretty hot nose of cherry and berry. The entry is rough but shows potential. Probably be a fun wine five years from now. It is at least better than Two Buck Chuck, but hardly enlightening.

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Just opened a 2005 Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa.

So far (2nd glass), so good. Anyone familiar with this one?



Which Sauvignon Blanc from SA?


:) my bad - I edited when I realized I'd left out the name.

The bottle had Alexander Fontein with an interesting flowering

herb (rosemary I think) on it.

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Definitely will look for this one - really dry, crisp, no bad aftertaste.


A friend who had a restaurant in New Orleans finally settled with his

insurance people. He managed to salvage some of the wine cellar

that wasn't flooded and sent me several cases of assorted whites.

In addition to the South African, I've got several bottles of Guntrum

2004 Riesling which I haven't tried yet. The highlight of the

shipment was a case of Grey Goose! :) I'm planning to have a

"Martini Tasting" and try recipes on my friends.

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Tonight with grilled lamb chops and lentils/carrots/avocado/green onions/etc. had the Maurice Ecard Savigny Les Beaune Les Narbentons '97. Quite a nice wine defying to some extent the reputation of the '97 vintage. A bit edgy perhaps, but still very enjoyable with this dinner.

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