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Eats in Baltimore??

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So I'll be in Baltimore next week, Thursday through Sunday. Staying at the Baltimore Waterfront.


Will be there with a group of six, one of whom is allergic to all fish. He won't be joining us on our crab cake/lobster/shell fish run unless someone can recommend a place that can accomodate.


Free from5 or 6 pm on every evening.


What are my options?? What are your recommendations??

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Well, maybe one reason to eat some meat is the place in Baltimore where we just had dinner last Friday, while visiting friends on our way back from Florida. Its a Venezuelan place called Alma Cocina

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I was just in Baltimore for an extended weekend, and spent a couple of nights in the Waterfront area. For upscale dining, Charleston is really wonderful. Cindy Wolf is the owner and chef, along with her husband Tony Foreman. They offer a 3, 4 or 5 course menu that you can mix-and-match yourself. The menu changes pretty frequently, but we all enjoyed the sauteed foie gras with potato and bacon hash, and I had the fingerling potato salad with black truffles, seared tuna, and fantastic roast venison loin. Didn't take a look at the wine list, since our friend treated us to some exceptional bottles, but the sommelier, Olivia, really knows her stuff. Service was impeccable.


There's another restaurant nearby, Pazo, owned by the same wife and husband team (but it's really his show) that's more laid back. It's a Mediterranean-inspired tapas style restaurant between the waterfront and Fells Point. Gorgeous space. We shared a few small plates that were delicious and a bottle of Priorat. Here's the link for their website. The goat chees agnolotti with trumpet mushrooms were scrumptious.


You'll be very close to Little Italy, if you're in the mood for Italian food. If you crave deli, Attman's is worth the short cab ride. It's very narrow and always crowded but the meat sandwiches are sooooo good and the noodle pudding is creamy and satisfying.


The whole waterfront area has lots of restaurant's including some of the higher-end chain places like Fleming's, Roy's, and Ruth's Chris. There's also a seafood place that our friend recommends highly, Blue Sea Grill.


Have fun! Baltimore is a great little city, with some world class museums.

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We just returned from a long weekend and had one pretty darn good meal - at Salt, on E. Pratt Street. Salt won Best Restaurant of the Year from the City Paper, and is listed as one of the top 50 or so in Baltimore Magazine. (So what, right?)

But it's a small, committed place, with engaged servers, a decent wine list, and fries cooked in duck fat. No reservations (at least for parties under 6), so get there before 6:30 on a weekend night for sure.

We also went down to 1800 or so Light Street, south of Inner Harbor, to Rub, a Texas-style BBQ joint. I can't vouch at all for authenticity but portion size, check. Ranch hand fries with chili, check. And what looked to be some heavy hitting cocktails. For what it's worth, I totally dug my smoked bologna sandwich, but don't hold that against me.


We stayed at the InterContinental, across from Harborplace. Very nice hotel experience, with a decent gym, 24 hour room service, and large enough rooms. Get the AAA discount and parking is free! Nice perk if you're interested in the Aquarium is you can purchase your tickets at the front desk and skip the line.


DO get up to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see the Cone Sisters collection of Matisse, Valloton, and Cassatt et al. The Walters has a great Egyptian collection and both museums are free.

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I was in Baltimore a couple of years ago and had a nice dinner at The Brewer's Art. Very good house beers, a good wine list, and food that's a cut above most brewpubs. Also a pretty good place for a group of six, I think.


For crab cakes, I presume you know about Faidley's, in the Lexington Market? I don't like crab cakes much, but I recognize these as very good. Even better is just the funky vibe of the place, with all kinds of fish, plus muskrat and other exotic critters for sale.

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We were in Baltimore twice last year. Far & away, the best food we had was the kickass crabcakes at Vikki's Fells Point Deli in the Broadway Market. (Also the best cole slaw I've EVER had.) Had crabcakes at 2 other venues for comparison; Vikki's rules. They're a lunch counter type place tho, not sure if they'd be open when you need them.


More on Broadway Mkt here:


(Most places there are closed on Sundays, the Sun is wrong in saying "daily.")


There's some good food to be had at several places on O'Donnell Square - Mama's On The Half Shell, Granite - in the Canton district, but if you have to get there & back in an hour, at rush hour, that's probably out of the question.


Back on the Inner Harbor, there's an Italian place in the front of the building that's on the right as you face the water - don't recall its name, it's just up from the big tourist info bldg - that has decent pizza & pasta & such. Not real Baltimore food by any means, but a great location (tho nicer in patio weather).


We ate at McCormick & Schmick one night. (Long story, they were the only place open late that we could find on short notice.) Another place with great Inner Harbor views. They're actually an upscale seafood chain. They offer non-seafood items too for your allergic friend. But, being part of a chain, they fly their crabs in from Mexico. To Baltimore. Didn't make a lot of sense to me. Good food but nothing to do with the town other than location.

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My vote is Charleston.. I also love Obrycky's for crab.. The main difference with Obrycky's is the pepper based crab spice.. I feel that Maryland is Old Bay Happy.. This mixture is something I use at home whenever I boil crabs.. At least once a month..

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The Baltimore Sun offers a vote for Dogwood (911 west 36th). The chef is the former chef at Hampton's in the Intercontinental.



The menu, too, is coming along in stages. First, there was the deli. Not your usual Italian-sub kinds of offerings: rosemary-peppered roast beef, served on ciabatta bread, topped with apricot-horseradish chutney, blue cheese and thyme-grilled onions ($8.10); albacore tuna, dill, minced shallots and celery in extra-virgin-olive-oil-vinaigrette dressing served with heirloom tomatoes and lettuce on marble rye ($6.75); and romaine-hearts-and-arugula salad with house-baked herb croutons, grape tomatoes and creamy eggless horseradish Caesar dressing ($7.50; with grilled chicken, $10.50; with Alaskan wild salmon, $11.75).


The new dinner menu is starting out small and changes daily, according to what ingredients Sampson finds available, mostly from local organic food producers.


He says there are three to four appetizers each day, like five grilled Chesapeake oysters stuffed with spinach and chevre ($12.50). On the entree list, expect about three choices. One day last week, they were 10-ounce grilled Hereford beef from the teres major, the second-most-tender cut, in a rosemary-peppercorn rub and mushroom beurre rouge ($20.50); roast pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon, served with crispy potato, sweet-pea puree and wild mushrooms ($17.50); and sesame-crusted wild rockfish fillet with roasted beet-root puree and glazed parsnips ($17.25).




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Hey Huey :D ,


The last time I went to Baltimore I went to this really nice placed called Charleston.. I havent been back in a while but here is an account from a while back..





whoops.. I see I already suggested that up thread.. The key is to stay consistant..


Also can I suggest that your friends stay at the Admiral Fell Inn.. A cute little hotel..

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Any other recommendations food related or not? Things to see maybe? Scenic views not to be missed?

Don't know if they run this year-round, but for skyline views I recommend using the water taxi service (it's more like a water bus, it has scheduled routes & stops) to get around the Inner Harbor, & further if you want to see Fort McHenry & such. Home base is in the corner of the Inner Harbor near the big Tourist Center. You pay one fee & can ride their boats back & forth all day. They will give you a map that shows all of their routes.


If you're into this sort of stuff, in Fells Point there's a preservation society that does walking tours of historic homes & the like. They have some brochures so you can do your own walking tour tho you can't get inside them that way. THey're on that waterfront street that has lots of bars & restaurants. Walk past the park where the Broadway Market is (see my above post) away from the Inner Harbor, it's just a block or two down. THere's also a Maritime Museum in that same two-block stretch that looked pretty interesting. We didn't have time for more than the gift shop, alas.

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Nick's Oyster Bar at the Cross Street Market. It's a very casual and open seating "bar" island around a group of oyster shuckers in the middle of the market. Very diverse patrons when we were there and great fresh oysters.


Baltimore has a system of markets which have been around since the 1800's. I think the Lexington one is well known but we only made it to the Cross St Market which is small but very nice. Here's a link that describes all their markets: click

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