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Eats in Baltimore??

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Well, maybe one reason to eat some meat is the place in Baltimore where we just had dinner last Friday, while visiting friends on our way back from Florida. Its a Venezuelan place called Alma Cocina

Do the current recs on this thread still stand? Going to be in BAL all next week.

We haven't been back since 2006 but will likely return next year.


If you should find yourself in Fells Point at lunchtime, I'd be interested in your take on the crab cakes & slaw at Vikki's.



Well, my hotel/office is in Harborside so I probably will be sticking around that area during the day.

Have you looked on Rockwell? There are a fair number of Baltimore posts there.


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Nice mention in the NY Times about the crabs at Obrycki's, but they're not from the Chesapeake. Currently, the crabs are from Texas. MD crabs will be available in July. Too late for the Preakness, however.


Patrons during Preakness weekend can order blue crabs, however, they aren’t from Maryland. Rob Cernak said he was currently having to fly crabs in from Texas because their Chesapeake Bay counterparts are too small – “I wouldn’t subject my patrons to that,” he said. The jumbo blue crabs that fans of Obrycki’s are accustomed to won’t be in season until around July, he said.


What makes Obrycki’s, which is open seasonally from March to November, better than its competition? For starters, there’s no Old Bay, Cernak said. A black-pepper-based seasoning is used that is spicier and less salty.


“You’re going to go through the same amount of beer, but for different reasons,” he said.


There is no filler used in the crab cakes, which are the top seller on the restaurant’s mail order menu (about 22,000 crab cakes were sold last year). Fresh crab meat, seasoned breadcrumbs and eggs — and that’s it.


“The flavor of fresh crab meat makes a huge difference,” Cernak said.


Got crabs?

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Any recent recommendations for Baltimore? I think I'll mostly be doing family stuff, but will hopefully have a day or two to do my own thing, which will include seafood, if possible! (and hopefully no hurricanes)


There's always stuff coming and going around Fells Point. Been a year since I've been and I remember being happy with what I found but nothing stood out. The Little Italy a couple blocks away is interesting in a time warp sort of way.

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TripAdvisor's crowd sourcing may be useful here.


DiPasquale's Italian Deli came in at #1 with 500+ comments (Highlandtown, off 895)


Thames Street Oyster House came in at #3, with 1,500 comments / votes (Fells Point)


The Helmand came in #4 with 500+ comments, very favorable (north of downtown)


Faidley's came in at #11, 460+, very respectable


(Miss Shirley's is listed twice, but would have been #1 if these were unique votes)

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I forgot about that place! We went past R&R Seafood Bar, and our gate was relatively close to Phillips Seafood, which I thought might have crab cakes, but we were there at 8 am, so I'm not so sure they were serving them at that hour. I can eat seafood any time of day, but my travelling companion (aka my mother) had an allergic reaction to some not-so-fresh crabs the night before, so she was wary. I really wish I hadn't forgotten my licence. We had planned to do Baltimore right after we arrived, but ended up having to wait around for our ride.

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