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Eats in Baltimore??

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Well, maybe one reason to eat some meat is the place in Baltimore where we just had dinner last Friday, while visiting friends on our way back from Florida. Its a Venezuelan place called Alma Cocina

Obrycki’s is closed outside of the airport but, a place called Angie’s opened in the old Space. Angie’s is serving a similar menu but, less expensive and everything outside of the actual crab spice is better than before.

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1727 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21231




So, we use to be big fans of Obyrcki's.. It was our first real Maryland Crabhouse experience together.. Obrycki's had a rub that included a variety of peppers.


We arrived at Angie's saturday night.. The place was busy however, they had one dining room closed.. The space is large so, with the bar and the side dining room, there were still 60 of us. The atmosphere is family, couples on dates, everything is pretty casual.. Though, this place is not cheap.. There were lobster entrees at 50 bucks, a half a dozen crab will set you back some cash.. Lots of things are made with jumbo lump crab, this is not a cheap ingredient.


We started with these guys.. Roasted oysters with cream spinach, shrimp and "imperial sauce" under an oyster.. Ridiculous but, good.




Like yeh, sure these are good.. I don't need them every again.. It's almost like an un-refined version of something you would get in New Orleans




Hot Crab dip: This is another Baltimore classic.. This is much better than the version Obryck's served.. But, it's a hot mayo, mustardy, cheesey, sort of thing.. It's good, I enjoyed it.. It's a once a year kind of thing and if you are in the mood for it, it's good.. But, in the mood or not, we are in Baltimore and we are going to eat all the crab, damn it.




Half a dozen dudes: I like ANgie's seasoning.. It has a little curry in it. This lady with the scarf, she was eating a plate of fried shrimp that looked so good.. In fact, many people were eating the fried shrimp.. It was a huge plate and it looked fantastic.. I would recommend trying them next time.




This was really interesting.. First time this happened to me.. When I pulled off the shell, i had a soft shell crab with in the protective confines of the hard shell.So, I was able to eat half hard, half soft.. It was really interesting.. There is some way to time that, it would be pretty great.





One crab cake for good measure.



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For those of you into beer, Stillwater's head brewer is from Baltimore and he use to be apart of a bar down there. They have an incredibly extensive collection of Stillwater Beers. All the collaborations, it's pretty impressive.. I didn't realize how many beers he had.. We drank a couple of collaboration beers and some Yam Yam later that night..



For lunch we went to Brewers Art:


1106 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201Telephone: (410) 547-6925 E-mail: info@thebrewersart.com

It was a very pretty space with some very nice beers.. They brew their own in addition to carrying bottles from other places.. I had a Maine Mo to start and finished with one of their Barrel Aged Cherry which I liked more than I thought I would..
The food however, needed some help..
We ordered a bowl of mussels.. I don't know how they did it but, the extracted all of the flavor from the mussels.. They arrived in a buttery, oily liquid that was void of any seafood flavor.. The mussels themselves must have been cooked before hand and not had any of their liquid reserved.. They then must have made a separate oily sauce.. On pick up, they must have heated the liquid and then removed the portioned mussels from the fridge and toss in this sauce. Unfortunately, they didn't leave enough time for anything to heat up, or maybe the cold mussels cooled the hot liquid but, it was a luke warm disaster..

Another hot crab dip:
shredded back fin garbage.

A really doughy and bready pretzel.. They attempted some global influence with a gochujang nonsense.. That tasting nothing of gochujang.

They have fries, they were rosemary.. I would go with them and stay away from everything else..
While the panacotta tasted of the earl gray tea and the consistency was actually really nice, they covered both desserts in sweet sauces that added nothing.. It was almost comical to see these sauces and felt a sense of nostalgia for a time when I hated desserts that were made by better pastry chefs with ruined their better desserts with better sauces than this..
This thing was about 95 percent confectioner sugar. A chocolate like mouse was so sweet, my toe started to hurt. . To top it off, they somehow served a flavorless morello cherry and then plopped this colored sugar down next to it..
Here you have some sort of jello and then two sugar sauces adding nothing to the earl gray tea.. If it was such a good combination, you would think people would be dropping that tube of gel you buy at the grocery store to write someone's name on a birthday cake into their tea every morning..
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Thames Street Oyster House:



This place is a Baltimore Institution. If you ask anyone, which we did, what's your favorite place, where are you going on your birthday, what's the most representative dining experience.. They all say, Thames Street Oyster House.. And nothing says Baltimore more than a New England Style Oyster House. Complete with Judith Point Squid and Block Island Scallops to name a few!


Let me start off by saying, this place pissed me off.. I called the first night, they quoted me a 2 hour wait.. I called the second night, two hour wait again, no reservations.. We went down to the restaurant, just our luck, a table opened up.. There were actually three tables available.. I called when we were in the restaurant, we were quote another two hour wait.. The table next to us, remained empty over the course of the evening.





We started with a seafood tower and then had a second one.. We ate cold lobsters from New England, stone crab from Florida, west coast oysters and Russian Vodka.. A local feast for sure..



I kid you not. This was the best thing I ate in Baltimore over the course of three days.. And this was fantastic.. It was pickled herring.. It was so delicious, such a beautiful piece, cut so thick and almost medium rare.. It was just a thing of beauty..




Sure, the place is good.. Some service issues outside the quoted wait times.. I asked the waitress, i like these particular oysters and wanted to run them back.. She told me that the shuckers are unable to identify which oysters they are by the shell... I said, this is clearly the smallest oyster on the plate.. It's completely different than all the others.. She thought I was a lunatic for suggesting it.. She argued, because we changed the plate, as in, turned it clockwise a few degrees, there would be no way in knowing what oysters we ate... Finally, I said, well, it's the smallest oyster you have and it tastes like a west coast oyster, how many are on your menu.. Which, a light went off and she they only had one west coast oyster and the tragedy was avoided..


Anyway, it was a decent place to grab oysters.. For this to have 1800 5 star yelp reviews is really not their fault.. Its just telling about Baltimore.

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This place is a Baltimore Institution. If you ask anyone, which we did, what's your favorite place, where are you going on your birthday, what's the most representative dining experience.. They all say, Thames Street Oyster House.


You asked the wrong question. Rather, not "what's the most representative dining experience" but "Where would you send someone if you weren't trying to impress the shit out of them with how sophisticated your city is?" :P


Still, thanks for the reports.

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I know you stopped eating red meat but it saddens me to search for the words "pit beef" in this thread and come up empty.


you know, the last time we went to Chap's I was not impressed.. Not to mention, just in general, I have not found a roast beef I like better than mine.. And I can no longer eat mine do to sheer volume.. So, I am better off...


But, i am still eating meat, just greatly reduced and only good stuff or, only for the sake of making our burger...


Speaking of which, I am going to be dumping a lot of MSG into burgers in the next few days to see how I like the taste.

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Well, maybe one reason to eat some meat is the place in Baltimore where we just had dinner last Friday, while visiting friends on our way back from Florida. Its a Venezuelan place called Alma Cocina Latina http://almacocinalatina.com & its pretty damn good. I freely admit that I would never had gone there if not for our local friends who insisted that the food is way better than one would expect from the somewhat glitzy, dramatic website & is well worth the not cheap prices being charged. Besides, they had a 10% off coupon from the last time they went -- apparently the owner gives them to repeat customers & they had collected quite a few (we used one, after I unsuccessfully tried to get the waitress to accept 10 of them for a 100% discount). They were correct and the kitchen is churning out food that is rich in taste and unique. As there were 5 of us who like to eat, we sampled lots of dishes & just about all were interesting & satisfying. They have an overstuffed version of a "slow smoked pig" arepa that is crispy yet maintains the taste of arepa, with a filling that is plentiful enough to justify its $17 price tag. This could make a great large app. for 2 people -- we shared 2 of them. Both their yucca fries and their chicken wings were interesting and large enough to share as well ($10 each). Their salmon & tuna ceviche was also a winner ($19). So, 5 apps., enough really for 7-8 people, averaged around $15pp. Since 3 of the 5 of us live in Baltimore and can take leftovers home, we decided to go for 5 entrees as well. This resulted in about a 20% overage and I'd guess that 2 people could easily share 1 entree after the apps. The Short Rib dish ($23) was excellent, I didn't taste the Salmon ($32) but everyone else loved it, the 2 orders of Stone Pot Stew (Pan-seared octopus & morcilla, marble potatoes, lentils, Cotija cheese, garlic, corn, red onion, cilantro, vuelve a la vida sauce - $25per order) were great, but the Ossobuco ($30) was the standout dish. In each, the tastes came from spicing and saucing that made the dish more interesting and different from the run of the mill versions. We had wine (only one bottle), we had cocktails (4 total), we had coffee (2) and desserts (2). With the coupon, the all in total was $75pp. Yep, under $100pp -- I think most on this board would like the place and think it money well spent. So, if in Baltimore....

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