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Eats in Baltimore??

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Tried to find a coffee shop this morning. Walked about a mile and a half and only passed one contender that had a line outside trying to get in for brunch.

Ended up in the lounge of the Renaissance Harbor, which is fine but not what I had envisioned. Now feel like I’m on a business trip. 😅

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Well, maybe one reason to eat some meat is the place in Baltimore where we just had dinner last Friday, while visiting friends on our way back from Florida. Its a Venezuelan place called Alma Cocina

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Oh last night. Went very casual for dinner, a huge outpost of Mo’s Seafood.

Clams on the half shell then a ridiculous mound of fried seafood: filets (three or four), scallops, crab cake, shrimp and clam strips. I ate about half of it.

Tip genuinely included rather than included with a space for an extra tip. Old school but good service.

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Harping on about Trois Chevaux, the service at Charleston is what TC pretends to do, but with not enough people because they can’t afford them; and yet from memory, the dinner at TC was almost twice the price.

Of course this reflects, I’m sure, overheads.

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