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I thought I had posted about Denver Rest. week before. Look at www.denver restaurantweek.com for a list of the rests. and menus. About 150 different rests. are doing it this year and the price is the same as last year $52.80 for two or $26.40 for one.


My wife and I and another couple went to Del Friscos last night for the special. It was the first time I had been, and I was impressed. One note for people, any thing not on the rest. week special menu is at ala carte pricing and Del Frisos is very expensive. ( 6 oz. Coca Cola bottle $2.25) ( one small crabcake $14.95). One other note a friend had suggested the house creamed spinach and it was the best I have ever had.


The menu was a mesclun salad, choice of 6 oz filet with bernaise or mahi mahi and chocolate mousse. Filet is not the best steak to judge a steakhouse by but this was a very good steak an I am impressed by the quality of the meat I tasted last night.


I was also impressed by the service and operation. I could not see any short cuts or "skimping" in any waythoughout the evening. I put that in because at another well known Denver rest. (and one of my personal favorites last year, I did fell short changed.


All of enjoyed the meal and when my retirement income recovers we intend to go back to try a better steak and som regular menu items.


We are going wed. night to Via Moderne in LoDO for Jim Mazzios take on Italian food and I will post after that.


I do like the rest week idea and it is getting bigger every year both in # of places and # of people. John Lendorff (sp) hhad a story in lasr Fridays Rocky about the week and said that both Mizuna and Kevin Taylor were sold out for the week.



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