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Manhattan visit April '07

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Hi all


I'm taking a short (2-day) trip to New York next month and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions for eateries that maybe are 'uniquely' New York, ie. the kind of thing you are unlikely to get as good elsewhere.


Off the top of my head I'm thinking a steakhouse and something like Nobu (hey, the exchange rate's in our favour) but am completely open to suggestions.


Thanks in advance



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Definitely Luger for steak.


I wouldn't bother with Nobu since there are branches everywhere. But if you like Japanese then the sushi is probably a lot better over here. I'll let others specify which place.


And, so that Cathy will still speak to me, Centrico. Possibly not as good as Mexican elsewhere in the States but better than anything in Britain.


Avoid the French places as you can get better in the UK.


Craft is great and a nice New Yorky sort of space.


Pearl Oyster bar for a lightish lunch.


Depending on the availability of good Chinese where you are, Grand Sichuan International.

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Pearl Oyster Bar for lunch, get the lobster roll.


Grand Central Oyster Bar: sit at the bar, get a mixed dozen oyster and a glass of sancerre.


Pizza: If you have time to get out of Manhattan go to DiFara's or Lucali's. In Manhattan, I like 28 Carmine.


Katz's for pastrami sandwich and pickles. don't lose your ticket.


Russ & Daughter's for all fish, smoked or cured. Get the sable.


Donut Plant for kickass doughnuts. Get the raspberry jelly doughnut.


Nice dinner: Hearth, Landmarc, Al di La, Lupa.


Expensive dinner: Craft, 11 Madison Park, Cafe Boulud.


Cocktails: Pegu Club or Angel's Share


Dessert: gelato at Otto

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But if you like Japanese then the sushi is probably a lot better over here. I'll let others specify which place.



If money is no object, Kuruma. If it is, Yasuda. Both are great. (And Yasuda isn't cheap by any means.)


I agree with Steven on the Sushi.. I have been in London to Ubon and Nobu.. Was not really all too thrilled with those places.. And if you go to Nobu here, I wouldnt get the sushi..


We have some fun Japanese selections here.. Sakagura is a fun little small plates Japanese Place..Very little Sushi offerings but lots of cooked small plates.. Its also in one of the coolest spaces in Manhattan in my opinion.. Its in the basement of an office building and designed to look like a Japanese Tea Garden.. I also really like Aburiya Kinnosuke 213 E 45th St for this type of little cooked Japenese Food..


Katz's Deli is a must if you have never been.. Its an old deli that makes the world's best pastrami.. Dont listen to those people from Montreal..


We also have some really good pizza places.. I would go in Manhattan with Patsy's on the Upper East Side for pizza or go with the historical choice, Lombardis.. Yes its not the best, but its the birth place of American Pizza.. If you want to stop in for some slices there are numerous above average places..


I dont know how your Chinese Food is in England but for Sichuan I would go with Grand Sichuan or for more expensive and finer ingrediants Wu Liang Ye also for Sichuan..


A fun place for some interesting dishes I would tell you to go to Momofuku Ssam.. Lots written on the place


One of my favorite upscale restaurants, I would tell you to go to Bouley.


Some good Appetizing or fish in the morning would be either Russ and Daughters or Barney Greengrass.. Mind you Russ and Daughters is just take out but close enough to Katz's where you can, if you are feeling strong, hit both right after each other.. Or you can sit down and have a wonderful breakfast at Barney Greengrass.. Just dont go on the weekend..


For steak I am a Peter Luger Man, but not really such a steak person.. I prefer cooking steak at home or on my grill and missing the noisy atmosphere..


We have some good Thai in New York too if you feel like traveling to Queens.. Sripraprhai is a great spot worth going to..


Regular Chinese with no atmosphere and just wonderful pork as well as some very authentic dishes I would go with Great NY Noodletown

28 Bowery | At Pell St ...


Have a great trip!

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Please don't go to Shake Shack, better burger at Corner Bistro.

Hearth fun for dining at the Pass.

Momofuku good.

Nobu - why bother when you can go in London?

11 Madison.

Craft if you can get a group together - the cuisine 'aint suited to couples.


Have Fun!

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