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Cheese and Biscuits

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Hi all


I hope you don't mind I briefly publicise my new blog Cheese and Biscuits (http://cheesenbiscuits.blogspot.com). I started off with a visit to Gordon Ramsays in Chelsea, but then went for fish and chips in Southport so it's not an elitist thing :P


Let me know what you think, and please leave as many comments as you like !




MT (Chris)


I'm sorry to say that Mouthfuls frowns upon this blatant variety of self-promotion. Please excercise a little self control next time.


Really, you'd think this was all about you, you, you!


In other news, has anyone noticed there hasn't been a post in my Rancho Gordo thread in over a day? Comon' folks, you are slipping!

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