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What a fond memory, trying to make eye contact with a River Cafe guest so that they would have no opportunity to glance down at the rodent munching happily away at whatever tidbit the previous table guest left...easily, East River Brooklyn rats were foot long, with another foot for the tail.

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Rats! Tasty dried rats for sale! Bamboo river rat, we were told:





These were in a market, but their cousins appeared on local restaurant menus (in Guanxi Province, China). So, yes, rats in restaurants.



Yummm...NOT. At least now when I am ready to eat more than I should, I know where to go for an appetite suppressant :P .

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You MUST see this!


That trailer made my morning. I wonder if it's based on the character in The Muppet Movie? Tee hee.

Character's name is Remy. Coming June 29. I'm trying to grasp who the audience is for this. Remy wants to work in a fine Paris restaurant. I'm guessing they hope to have somewhat sophisticated parents drag their kids to this. Maybe Mr. Shaw will try to angle to write a review of the film for the NYT.

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Maybe Mr. Shaw will try to angle to write a review of the film for the NYT.


His editorial piece was sponsored by Disney with co-sponsorship by the makers of Rato Negro - fine wine at a price that won't bite your face off in your sleep.


Results. A total of 622 rat bite cases were confirmed, with incidence gradually decreasing each year. Rat bites primarily affected children 5 years of age and younger. The majority of bites were inflicted on the face and hands and occurred in the bedroom between midnight and 8 AM. Physical condition of the structure in which the bite occurred and adjoining structures were significant factors in rat bite incidents. Most bites occurred in the warmer months.

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