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I try to save drippings whenever I roast a chicken (assuming I don't need the drippings for the roasted chicken preparation).   So this morning I took a spoon of solidified chicken drippings, heated

same as yesterday honeydew and blueberries with fat freee cottage cheese whole grain toast with p-nut butter and sour cherry preserves

Had some leftover pizzza dough...Preheated the oven while I did morning things, then threw it on the stone, with lots of fresh thyme (one of the herbs that's growing well), EVOO, S&P...A minute be

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we are raising a young lady with very good taste. A simple breakfast this morning.. we had picked up breakfast sausages from a new butcher. When presented with them she asked "are these sausages from a butcher?" i said yes, it's a new place, do you like them. She said, "they taste like they are from a package" i tasted them and she was correct, not very good.. Still trying to find breakfast sausages as good as union pork store.


previous years, i would have at least half the toast an egg and some sausages to finish.. she is now clearing her plate. this is going to be good for my weight.




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I just found a couple of container of piperade (peppers+) in the freezer, which is what I was originally thinking of using. But I'm already thawing ratatouille. Ah well, there's still three or four weeks left to the renovation. (Sorry for blurring the lines between dinner and breakfast.)

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Yesterday North German style:

Smoked salmon

Smoked eel

Brown North Sea shrimp

Lobster/avocado salad

Salmon roe on pumpernikel

Horseradish cream

Good baguettes from French baker, good black bread from viktualienmarkt

Cremant de Bourgogne, blood orange juice, coffee...

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breakfast for miss K yesterday..


I had this whole thing worked out. two sunny side eggs, toast, fried cheese and bacon. All washed down with a hot chocolate.. Not the healthiest meal but, Miss K is young and skinny is going through a growth spirt eating phase.


I start prepping everything.


Bacon goes on




cheese gets starched






and fried



bread gets toasted.. hot chocolate gets made.. now, all i have to do is, a quick sunny side, couple of eggs. Oh wait, there are no eggs in the house..


fried cheese and bacon sandwich. hot chocolate on the side. i don't think this is what people a referring to when they speak of starting healthy habits.


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