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I was only exposed to my grandmother's cooking during Thanksgiving (when we were still schlepping to their tiny apartment in Jackson Heights).  The two things I remember most were the (saltless) vegetable barley soup to start and the pile of sliced rye bread.  My grandfather would make a pareve "fruitcake", really a honey cake with raisins and candied orange peel or citron.

I never had my other grandmother's cooking at all. What I associate with her are Melba toast and peppermint Chiclets.

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I try to save drippings whenever I roast a chicken (assuming I don't need the drippings for the roasted chicken preparation).   So this morning I took a spoon of solidified chicken drippings, heated

same as yesterday honeydew and blueberries with fat freee cottage cheese whole grain toast with p-nut butter and sour cherry preserves

Had some leftover pizzza dough...Preheated the oven while I did morning things, then threw it on the stone, with lots of fresh thyme (one of the herbs that's growing well), EVOO, S&P...A minute be

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the only thing I can remember my mom's mother making was a batch of cookies that were made with salt instead of sugar. I can still remember her cussing at my father and calling him a liar for pointing it out. she did smoke three packs a day, but I don't think that was the issue.

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Ha!   Jello recipes!   I remember reading that Jello recipe for cantaloupe filled with raspberries in raspberry Jello, then frosted with cream cheese, chilled and sliced.  I really wanted to make that, but my mother refused on the basis of spending so much money to screw up a perfectly good cantaloupe.  

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Usually make a little more pasta than I think we can eat, so  this can be made the following AM...


Frittata with penne, asparagus, parmesan and herbs.
Yesterday, for the first time getting to Pain d'Avignon early enough, and seeing that they still had Kaiser rolls for purchase (have you tried these, @Orik?) I decided a ham, egg, and cheese on a Kaiser was happening...


The gruyere melted beautifully and that's D'artagnan's "Mangalica" product. So if it's getting fancy with good cheese and jamon, might as well throw some avo on the roll, just to see how lousy I can make it look...


Oh - it was good.

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