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4 hours ago, Diancecht said:

i think that was actually the first time i have had “appetizing” other than lox/smoked salmon come to think of it. next stop: herring, as soon as i can find a place that has it.

Europa Express at 750 La Playa Street (between Balboa and Fulton, right by the beach) will probably have.  Or if you feel like coming out to the East Bay, the Eastern European store in Castro Valley has lots jarred herring, plus smoked whole fish (different kinds).

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I try to save drippings whenever I roast a chicken (assuming I don't need the drippings for the roasted chicken preparation).   So this morning I took a spoon of solidified chicken drippings, heated

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1 hour ago, StephanieL said:

I don't shop at WF.  And Safeway doesn't have the selection that the European Market does.

same here re wf (hubby and i are very particular)

the next time we’re at andronico’swe’ll look into that. that chain got acquired by safeway a few years ago. we usually avoid regular safeway; andronico’s is slightly more upscale and some of our friends work there.

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10 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

If it’s jarred there’s no point in being too particular as to where you buy it. 

My point exactly, though Acme's isn't terrible.

One can always order stuff from Russ & Daughters. They have some nice packages which include shipping. And real lox.

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11 hours ago, Diancecht said:

understood. i don’t shop at wf because of its corporate parent and i would rather support local businesses whenever possible.

i typed a long response and then deleted it. lol. it’s cool, man.

And I don't shop at WF for the same reason.  I try not to buy anything directly from Amazon either.  The Eastern European stores by us are locally owned and they have a good breadth of smoked fish and meat offerings.

Today's "2nd breakfast" came from the Ferry Building Market: a tea-smoked egg from Imperial Tea Court and a "not cross" bun (no icing) from Acme.

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21 hours ago, Diancecht said:

we were probably there at around the same time. hubby and i got to the ferry building farmer’s market at 10:30 am-ish. we would have been there a lot earlier except that i overslept.

I got there early, and was already on BART back to the East Bay by 10:15. I never liked the later crowds, even pre-COVID.

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On 1/23/2022 at 3:59 PM, Sneakeater said:

There are like NO vegetables at my Greenmarket now.   This weekend I couldn’t even rouse myself out of bed.  For what?

Yeah, onions and turnips aren't all that exciting.

We had pancakes yesterday, made on the center griddle of our new range.

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