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I try to save drippings whenever I roast a chicken (assuming I don't need the drippings for the roasted chicken preparation).   So this morning I took a spoon of solidified chicken drippings, heated

same as yesterday honeydew and blueberries with fat freee cottage cheese whole grain toast with p-nut butter and sour cherry preserves

Had some leftover pizzza dough...Preheated the oven while I did morning things, then threw it on the stone, with lots of fresh thyme (one of the herbs that's growing well), EVOO, S&P...A minute be

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Shredded roast chicken and leftover rajas, warmed and folded into a pita (no tortillas handy).  The rajas are even more delicious after a day or so.

You had leftovers?! :(

Heh. I made a substantial amount, and ate most of it by myself Friday night.

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I think it's time for an intervention, Ron. Going public with your struggles is half the battle.

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Oatmeal for benders: put a half a cup uncooked regular oatmeal in a soupplate; liberally salt it with kosher salt; cover it with milk (I use skim); stir with clean finger; microwave uncovered for 4 minutes; remove from microwave, grind several cranks of Tellecherry pepper; add either a good pat of butter or splash of heavy cream, or if it's a big day, both. :blush:

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Truffled egg salad sandwich:


Had some leftover hard boiled eggs so I shredded them and added mayonnaise, mustard, s & P and a splash of truffle oil.


Ate them on a lightly toasted whole wheat english muffin with a cafe latte.........yummmm.



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