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Breakfast in Stockholm: various dark breads, both hard and soft. A few pieces with butter and greve cheese - like a 6-month aged gouda, but with Emmenthaler-sized holes, and a few slices of Pick (Hungarian) salami. Another piece with a dab of creme fraiche and some wild Norwegian salmon from Senja, smoked using mostly pine needles by a friend of my hosts (one of whom is from Senja). Fantastic stuff.

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I try to save drippings whenever I roast a chicken (assuming I don't need the drippings for the roasted chicken preparation).   So this morning I took a spoon of solidified chicken drippings, heated

same as yesterday honeydew and blueberries with fat freee cottage cheese whole grain toast with p-nut butter and sour cherry preserves

Had some leftover pizzza dough...Preheated the oven while I did morning things, then threw it on the stone, with lots of fresh thyme (one of the herbs that's growing well), EVOO, S&P...A minute be

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I have eaten oatmeal several times recently - first in a long while - simply because it seemed a quick and sensible breakfast for the Munchkin. I thought it would be enhanced by a handful of raisins, but madam rejected them so I had to spend ten minutes picking them out. Surprisingly tricky.

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here's a reason to have the brits back. no one does brekkie as well as the uk and ireland, with black and white puddings, boxtie, and porridge.

the best oatmeal, or steel cut oat porridge, is from scotland or ireland.

rolled oats for oatmeal just doesn't have the proper texture.


wilfrid, if you want to get munchkin eating dehydrated fruit with the oatmeal, try chopped dates, figs, or even apricots.

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I started eating oatmeal about 3 weeks ago. The best part of eating it for breakfast is that I don't hungry again until about 2.


Wilfrid, what about adding some jam to the munchkin's bowl? Definitely more sophisticated than raisins and it adds a nice bit of flavor.

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