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I’m looking forward to getting great sweet corn and concord grapes, for instance. We can do corn-bread ice cream, a corn flan for a savory dish, perfect little corn ravioli … we have a lot of ideas.




Some combos to come:


Eel, peking duck terrine, chocolate consomme, pickled cherries.


Razor clams, bacon gnocchi, butternut squash, pumpernickel.


Short ribs, hibiscus, date, pistachio, green tea, daikon.



I'm sooooooo looking forward to this, it's not funny.

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So Wylie's doing pizza (having done doughnuts) and Sam Mason is doing this.

It's not really Wylie's pizza if there's no compressed oyster crust option

Yes. He looks a bit like Richard Lloyd, only in a woolly hat. :blink:

???...I haven't seen Lloyd in a while,but back when,he had the face of a fallen angel....so I don't see Any similarity,'less he's really shrunk and gone to Hell....

Daisy, Wilf and I saw him the other night and he's looking a bit worse for the wear :D


Now, Sam Mason, he's another story...

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...None of us are 26 years old forever...o bla di o blah da.

Just a minute, I turned 26 in 1935 and I have never gotten a day older. All you need to do is escape from your essence and live in the reality of time displacement. It's actually quite simple.

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