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you've never been to minnesota in the winter, have you?

if he was really eating good food, his shit wouldn't stink so bad.

gobi is 10 today.  

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some of you "knew" our dogs before most anyone else we know did. i'm very sorry to say that gobi went off to the big squirrel chase in the sky this evening. she turned 14 in april and was diagnosed with lymphoma in june. she gave it a good fight with her usual goofy, good cheer but it became too much for her old body to handle. the good news is she didn't suffer and passed gently after a day full of head scritches and belly rubs. she was a sweetheart and we will miss her terribly. (alu just turned 15 a couple of weeks ago, in case you're wondering, and is so far hale and hearty, though almost entirely hard of hearing.)








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My condolences to you and the family. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet. Please give Alu some belly rubs and scritches on my behalf. I'm sure she's missing her sister.

(gorgeous photos!)

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she had a long, happy life for sure. 14 years is a long time for a dog her size--almost three of those after mast cell tumour surgery in october 2017.

alu is hard of hearing and her teeth are not great (oh, the stench) but is otherwise active and healthy. we're hoping she'll get to 16 in good health next july. she has been very out of sorts since sunday--though she's spending less time walking through all the rooms in the house today. we felt very bad going on our long family walk this morning (a pandemic ritual) because it meant leaving her alone in the house for literally the first time since december 2006. (she's too old to do long walks.)

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