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you've never been to minnesota in the winter, have you?

Lost our hound today. 13. Had a mass on his heart that burst this morning. I knew when I picked him up off the floor it was probably the end. Like Mongo he was the last remnant of our life prekids.  J

Sending you both mine too.

Posted Images

100% Cocker, according to the DNA test.  
It’s a “working” cocker, which is a different sub-species from the “show” cockers that I was familiar with.  
not sure why all the photos aren’t loading. 

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i am afraid i have sadder news to report. we said goodbye to alu last wednesday. she was 16. a long life, the 15 years of which spent with us were very happy (her first year before she came to us less so). she was old and in march she was diagnosed with a tumour of the spleen. she made it four months after that and was herself till the very end. 

and we are in the process of selling our house in colorado, which means that part of our life--when it was just us and the dogs--is now all but at a close.




regal alu, july 2006, lafayette.jpg

beaming al, june 2007, lafayette.jpg

smiling alu in front seat, may 2020.jpg

alu in the yard on her last morning.jpg

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