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I'm not even sure where to begin. I spent the day with Trevor, Julian's life partner of 27 years. Trevor is devastated but in his devastation, he brought up Mouthfuls and the people here that Julian h

Thanks Carolyn. IIRC you also had the difficult task of breaking to us the news about Bruce Frigard (winesonoma) (whose thread maybe also should have been pinned, or will that trend start getting too

And may the perpetual light shine upon him.

I saw this thread and thought this was some restautant closing in NY. What a fucking drag.


The positive thing is how great it must have been to be sick and still be so connected to a community. We both were lucky.


I know he was considering an admin stint and we PM'd about how much like school it can be around here. His last line to me was "Off to cram for my mid-term! And you should see the fabulous ruffles I got for my prom tux! You are going to be so jealous..."

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The only consolation for us is that he knew how much we all loved and valued him. But he will be sorely missed.


Trevor, you were one lucky man to have been with Julian for so long. (And no doubt Julian was lucky to have you!)

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We are having a bad year.




Yes. And I've been reflecting upon that fact. It really brings home to me that even though we're an online community, we're still a community of human souls. We celebrate our joys and lament our sadness and loss.


Reading that moving tribute, and the previous ones for Tuckerman and Winesonoma made me wish I had known more about them when they were alive and well and active and happily participating in various discussions, offering their thoughts and insights.


Back in those heady first days of eG, the bio threads were among my favorites. Getting to know each other beyond just the impressions made through somebody's opinion of a certain dish at this restaurant, or what they thought about a coffee pot or blender or toaster oven they'd just bought, was nice.


Perhaps we should write moving tributes to one another while we're still around so that others here in our cyber city have a better understanding of who we are before it's too late.


But most of all, let me add my condolences to Trevor for such a deep and personal loss.

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Just found this and am feeling so sad, especially for Trevor. But also for us. While I was mindlessly chattering about weddings and supper, 24K was dying. And he has been on my mind alot lately, especially asking where he was after starting the "Brangelina" forum and then dropped out of sight. We lift our glass for touching our lives. We must've left him smiling from all the navel gazing and toe tripping on that silly/serious thread he started with such an offhand simple question. Just skimmed through it again and was touched by the poignancy of hollywood's posting #776, last page 52. Thank you, Carolyn, for being a friend. I had been touched when he commented a few months ago that he had not actually met any of MFFers. You stepped in for us all.

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