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is it possible that there is no Mexico City or even Mexico thread? or am i just unable to find it? if so, admins, please merge.   if not, here's a start - a whirlwind 22 hours in the city from the

actually, I would compare pizza to Mexican food. In California yet we don't have pizza culture. There are examples of great pizza but in general we don't get it. I say the same thing about New York an

I saw the other building first, so I had the tripe soup instead of the tripe tacos. (Was it good? About as memorable as a bowl of tripe soup.)

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So I'm back from this little visit.


I ate at Contramar twice in three days. I was sort of concerned because I had been thoroughly unimpressed by Cala in SF. I could not have been more wrong. Really impressive stuff. I loved it. Make sure you get the spanish menu that has the daily specials. Highlights were an aguachile of scallops, ceviche of chocolate clams, softshell crab tacos. I actually preferred the shrimp tostadas to the tuna, but whatevs. Super cheap at the current fx rate as well.


Nicos - You ever order wrong at a place and recognize that its still great? That's what I did here. Guac, Sopa Seca de Natas (A must order once, and then I wouldn't get it again. Just didn't do anything for me) and then I tried to order a barbacoa of rabbit and a chilorio of pork. They were out of the rabbit, so we only got the chilorio - very tasty, but kind of one dimensional/cheat food, but we were stuffed at this point. There were lots of great looking dishes on other plates that I highly recommend.


Dulce Patria - Weird place - feels like a hip restaurant in 1992. Scene is rather off putting and some of the plating is frankly mockable. However I really enjoyed my dish of duck in mole negro and my wife had an aguachile and a beef dish that were also good. But the room/scene is a clown show.


Rosetta Panaderia - sure. why not. Its good, but you might as well be in a leafy part of brooklyn. A statement I would make generally about Condesa and Roma. My wife who is not insane unlike us, unprovoked by me made a comment that "every hipster area looks like brooklyn" in the context of us walking around. I'd say in this case its more like a down market version of Madrid with more brooklyn style merchandizing. Spend your time exploring the more touristy areas in my mind. Yes I said that.


Lots of mezcal at a few of the mini-chainlet hipster mezcal places in the Eater guide. Fun. Better food than needs to be as well.


No street food as we had a wedding in San Miguel de Allende later in the week and I was told risking things was not acceptable. San Miguel is what we are told to expect.

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Even though it's been more than a year since my last visit, I can see there are a few worthwhile pieces of information I can supply.

Taquería Los Cocuyos

This taquería, in a storefront stall on the edge of Chinatown, has the best tacos I had in Mexico City. Better even than any of the street stands. Odd bits of various animals are made into fillings that are just heavenly. You sit on a bench on the sidewalk. The late-night crowd of off-duty cops and on-duty hipsters is fun.


This mezcalería -- on the fringe of the Historic Center, about a 10-minute walk from Los Cocuyos -- is the coolest bar I've ever been in, anywhere. The selection of mezcal is fantastic, the retro-futuro music is the height of cool, and the crowd . . . although they seem the hippest of the hip, they're open and welcoming. I walked in an unaccompanied old man, but I soon was welcomed into several different groups of drinking buddies. (Mexico City is like that.)

Dulce Patria

Just to note that Bonner absolutely nailed this place. I just loved Chef Martha Ortiz's last restaurant, Aguila y Sol, but this one goes full-on Polanco douche. The food is still good -- if somewhat stuck in the '00s. But the place . . . .


Now I'm not adding anything. But it's funny how this place keeps exceeding my expectations.

The first time I went, it was shortly after it opened. And it looked to me like it was going to be an overhyped douchestaurant, catering to a crowd that doesn't know or care about food. But it was just great, one of the better seafood restaurants I've been to.

This time, I figured the place would be over it. There's no reason, I figured, to maintain quality and interest at such a high-rent high-volume spot. But guess what? It's still great.

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