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Just back after a grueling trip but what a time. I had such fun but the real surprise was Morelia. What a pretty, sophisticated town!


I'll post more pics later.

Here are just a few:



Handmade tortilla in chile sauce. Uruapan, Mexico



My friend Isidro and his grandaughter driving along Lago Chapala, pulling a Briutney!



A perfect order of al pastor tacos. Guadalajara, Mexico



Breakfast of champions. Near Tuxcueca, Mexico

The glass had sugar, some instant coffee and a shot of tequila in it before the milk came crashing down.

It was DIVINE.



Not tonight, I'm busy. Patzcuaro, Mexico


I took about 600 pics so these were just a few. I promise to be discriminate!

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You TEASE! We want more. A LOT more.


I love the tequila cow shot. Wowie. Wish I had been there.


Can you open your mouth wide enough so the milk doesn't spill while it's being squirted into your mouth?

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The grueling part was coming home today.

Up at 3:30 am

To the airport at 4am

Flight left at 6am (sad saying adios to memesuze)

Change planes in LA. I arrived in terminal 3 and had to push my crap to teminal 7 and it wasn't till I arrived that they told me there was a shuttle. It was hot and muggy and I started to get that gross nervous BO (well, you asked) and then I got on my plane at 10am and the seats were so packed I had a touch of claustrophobia countered only by the guy next to me who had even worse BO and bad breath, too. Finally arrived in SFO, shuttle to the parking lot and finally home. DId I mention security screenings? What a crowd of morons.

Negativity out, chile sauce and masa scents in.


I arrived in Guadalajara and went to the small village where Maria and Isidro live. The closest "big" town is Tuxcuesa but even Cristina had never heard of it. Isidro is the Mayor, unofficially and we couldn't move ten feet without him greeting someone with either a corny song or a vaquero yelp. Then back to Guadalara to meet up with Jaymes and Memesuze (my official travelling troup) and Cristina and Kalypso. The next morning we caravaned to Michoacan along with a couple from another board and we stayed in Patzcuaro while attending the festival in neighboiring Uruapan. I'm sure Cristina and the others will chime in and give you better details. Finally a few days in Morelia with just Jaymes and memesuze and this was startling. It's my Mexican fantasy city. Great archtecture everywhere. Behind each unassuming door there seems to be a palace with a courtyard, greenery, fountains and rooms on two levels. I had fantasies of Jaymes wearing a mantilla and a huge gown, carrying a torch as she runs down the stairs, but later had to admit it was really my fantasy for me.


Did I mention the food?


Somewhere in there I was captured by a mariachi band and set free after discovering I knew the lyrics to so many Bobby Sherman songs.


Our own Jaymes is still there, making friends with her new family today and starting Spanish classes on Monday.

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damn it, next time Jaymes invites me somewhere I am packing up and going. Sounds like a great time, and the eye opener breakfast shot is the best. The color of the chili sauce made my mouth water and I just got home from dinner at Blazing Peppers. Just okay. All of us are waiting for the rest of the photos. Are you going to do a flickr account or something like that?

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A few more:



Notice how they tie the back feet of the cows while they're milking and eating.



Tacos from Maria's kitchen. There's a tortilla delivery every morning and the tortillas are made with fresh masa, not masa harina. I'm going to ask her for the recipe for the salad that went in these tacos.



For Semana Santa, these little "clubs" pop all over the lake and they have little parties every night, getting more intense the closer to Easter. This man's niece, Jasmine, married Isdro and Maria's son, Carlos and the kids live here in Napa. Apparently he has a beautiful voice and sings with Mariachi Vargas sometimes.


He's cutting coconuts, which I actually came to tire of!



Flowering cactus.



Drying charrales (sp?) (small white fish).



Maria and Isidro.


I think that's it for tonight.

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I put Kalypso on the plane back to San Diego this afternoon. It's weird to be in the house alone after so much incredibly delicious fun with the MF/CH gang. We laughed till I thought we'd collapse, ate till I thought we'd burst, saw so much fantastic stuff that our eyes filled up.


That breakfast of champions that Rancho posted the picture of is called pajarete. Now that you've seen the pics, read all about it on Mexico Cooks! in the cold drinks article. (link below)


I took a zillion pictures too--I'm much too tired tonight to think of posting them, but they'll be up during the weekend.


It was some marvelous trip. Who'll come next year?

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I ended up buying only one bean pot. The odd obsession this year turned out to be wooden objects!




Various bean mashers, molinillo (for frothing chocolate), spoons, and creepy funny masks. The red ones were specially made and based on photos of Mongo I keep in my wallet.

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