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Heavenly photos and reportage, Steve. Thank you.


:blink: Waaaah, I miss Mexico!


Cristina is taking reservations so don't be shy!


Gee Johnson says:

Those might be delicious but they don't look appetizing to me. Something about battleship grey food.


I think they look appetizing but in the end I much prefer white or yellow corn to the blue or even red.

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Keep posting, keep posting while you are still on a pajarete high. Joan took charge of everything very nicely once able to escape to us. You weren't missed all that much. But the photos, oh my, more please.


Ha! Joan's blood pressure went back to almost normal when Steve showed up at the warehouse this morning. Why, I had to have my hair cut and colored this morning before he arrived just so I wouldn't frighten him with all the gray that came out while he was gone!

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I took of one of the women making tortillas. You can hear someone in the background (Kalypso?) saying, "I could live on these tortillas!"


Note that it takes her about 10 seconds to go from ball of dough to tortilla!

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And a few more:


This soup is made from chile, squash blossoms, and corundas, among other things:



Cocada en limones (coconut candy in key lime halves):



The boys in the band. I love the uniforms, and that wild lime green clarinet:




This child, so beautiful:


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Nostalgia for well, yesterday. That's a new one on me! Those shots make me hungry all over, Cristina.


Here's a video of

. As the others will tell you, I had almost no interest in this and I was wrong and it was great. My eyes welled up a few times. The marchers were so proud and the audience really loved them, you could tell. The group in the video is from Tzintzuntzan.
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The parade in Uruapan on Saturday marked the opening of the annual all-Michoacán Feria de Artesanía. Artisans from many towns paraded while carrying examples of their products.


A few stills from the parade:


A woman from Tócuaro, a town famous for carved wooden masks:



A man from Tócuaro in full dance costume:



Tócuaro's next generation:



Beautiful women with baskets of confetti:


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Cristina: your photos are a treasure. To be a good photographer of people is a gift, and you have it. I especially love the woman making gorditas: the lighting and composition are so nice.


Thank you for sharing these. More, please.

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