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Christina, thanks for that recipe. That looks like the camarones cocktails that one can get in the Mexican restaurants here in Tulsa. I love them. And they do serve them in the big glass that looks like a glass that one might freeze to serve beer in. In my case, root beer.

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Jaymes, those hotels look lovely but they are way too fancy and big for the kind of beach experience we want. The place Anonomi posted looks good and up our alley, but the no hot water thing kills it - I'm happy with no electricity, but not without hot water.


Would we have to fly from Zihua to Morelia?


No. You could book round-trip from NYC to Morelia for, for example, a two-week vacation and then rent a car for one of the weeks. You could make the easy 3-4 hour drive that Lonely Planet describes thusly: "The more tropical areas...reached by spectacular highway 37 down through the hills from Uruapan."


And then drive back to Morelia by a different route, where you could drop the rental car and Cristina could collect you for a tour.


Or vice versa, which might be preferable because if you take your beach vacation last, you´ll be more familiar with the area thanks to Cristina´s expertise, and you´ll also have had the most relaxing portion of your trip just before you must return to real life.


And also, even if you don´t stay at Casa Que Canta, I´d suggest you at least have one meal there. It´s a very small hotel that basically consists of private, bougainvillea-bedecked casitas that tumble down the cliffs to the sea. It´s a wonderfully romantic place to have dinner. The restaurant is an open-air terrace suspended high above the ocean and the view is spectacular.


The rooms at that place are a thousand bucks a night! You have us pegged very, very incorrectly!


And I'm sure Cristina is a great guide, and it's great that you are trying to help drum up business for her, but it's just not the kind of thing we want to do on vacation. We'd surely love to meet up with Cristina for a meal or a wander someplace if it works out, but we'll explore on our own just like we always do...and take it as it comes.


I like to spend my winter vacation time in a place where I barely have to get dressed and put on shoes...but Morelia and the area are calling my name for some trip some time!


Thanks for this thread - I'm loving it.

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