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Restaurant Kikuchi

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Guest Aaron T

I had an incredible dinner at Restaurant Kikuchi (until recently known as Bistro 21) this week. The restaurant is located on La Cienega in Los Angeles.


Kikuchi is a small 20 seat restaurant located in a minimall. The night I was there the only staff were the chef - Kikuchi, an assistant, and the hostess - Kikuchi's wife. The windows are frosted so you do not see out and once inside it does not feel like you are in a minimall. (In LA many good restaurants are located in minimalls.)


Kikuchi only offers price fix menus. I believe there is a standard $35 menu and omakase menus at $55 and $85, with the $85 requiring advance notice. When I reserved, I requested the omakase without any shellfish and was charged $55 pp.


The first course we received was Japanese mackerel in a hollowed out cucumber, so it resembled a flower, accompanied by eel pate. The fish was fresh tasting and we found out later that it has been flown in from Japan. I didn't take notes so I may get the course order wrong. I know we had a filet of Japanese sole. The most memorable dish was seared foie gras with truffled risotto. Both the foie and the risotto were excellent with the risotto very rich and having the essence of truffle flavor. Our last savory course was a large lamb chop, seasoned well. Dessert was a plate with chocolate cake, cream cheese something and berry sorbet with fresh berries on the side. We were offered cheese but my friend declined as she is not a big cheese fresser, so that will have to wait til next time.


We were the only customers the whole time we were there: 8pm - 10pm, which means we were probably the only customers of the night! :o I would highly recommend this restaurant as the cooking was delicious, the service was friendly and it was a good value.


A poster someplace else rec'd this resto to me and also mentioned that they allow BYO, but will charge corkage. If you are into wine I suggest this route as you are unlikely to be excited by the brief list. We did fine with an inexpensive pinot noir, but then again, we are not experts. :P


Restaurant Kikuchi -- 846 N. La Cienega Blvd -- 310.967.0021

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