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Every year Project Angel Heart (www.projectangelheart.org) has a fund raising day where participating establishments donate 25% of their food receipts for the day. Any meal.


I have no association with the group except I have had several meals with Mary Clark (the food director/chef what ever her title is and she and the cause; people with life treatening circumstances are both worthwhile and deserve support.


In spite of someone's "snide" remarks last year when I posted about this I am once again giving people a "heads up" so that if you are so inclined you can contribute and enjoy a hopefully good meal. My wife and I are combing our anniversary meal and this effort by having lunch at a place we could not normally afford.


As I said I think this is a good opportunity do perhaps eat at a different place (the list on the web site is very large with a wide geographical area) and contribute to what I personally think is a great organization.



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This certainly looks like a good organization, Colestove, and there's a broad choice of restaurants in a lot of price ranges.


As for snide comments, just tell them to fuck themselves...



Here's a link to the list of participating restaurants in the Denver metroplex: List

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