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Rancho Gordo -- both of my 2008 conferences will be in NO, IACP in the spring and WCR in the fall (during hurricane season :blink: ). I'm actually kind of conflicted about going. Yes, I want to support the local economy the only way I can. But I don't want to participate in the freak show aspect. I suppose people may jump on me for that, but it is at the back of my mind.


OTOH, I got to chat with Leah Chase at the most recent WCR conference (she was given what is basically a lifetime achievement award), and she was just so wonderful and encouraged. So that might balance out my misgivings.

The freak shows occur on Bourbon Street every night. I was there this past summer and the amount of progress of renewal was a hopeful sign of recovery. There are parts of town that are still bad and I recommend you do see that. Best done with a local and avoid the bus tours. We had great meals and it is on my list to make a return trip this summer. I can't do Jazzfest, my loss.


I don't know that I would be too leary of a repeat of Katrina during Hurricane Season, there were hardly any storms last year and none on the upper Gulf Coast.


There is some seriously fine shopping now on Magazine Street, the farmers markets are doing well, I get their newsletters. Have you read Slapsie Maxie's report of his trip to the City, Eat My Globe


For cocktails, follow his advice, the Library and Cafe Adelaide. Cafe Adelaide does cocktail pairing dinners, Lu Brow does a great job with this. Do it with a bunch of friends.


Just go and have a good time. Spend some money. Drink a few cocktails. Wander into the mess that is Bourbon street if you feel like dealing with a bunch of college frat boys looking for a cheap time, and it ain't cheap. Check out the farmers market. Eat some pork at Cochon. Have a late dinner at Luke. Mardi Gras is early, like next week so you don't have to worry about parades. Go to the Parkway Bakery on Bayou St John and share some po'boys and a beer or two. And don't leave town without going to see Lakeview and the 9th Ward.

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Well, I'm all set to go in the spring, after all. And have reservations at Restaurant August, Herbsaint, and NOLA. The last night of the conference is a benefit for the Crescent City Farmers' Market, so while I normally don't do the optional dinners, this one I will.


Joanne Clevenger is one of the speakers at the opening plenary, and will be on a panel later that morning with Fran McCullough (cookbook author), Sue Conley (Cowgirl Creamery) and Eliza MacLeam (Cane Creek Farm).

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There's a good chance I might have to go next month to cover a roundtable discussion. (At 6 AM--jeez.) I'll just have one night there, and if I can scurry away from my co-workers, I was thinking of trying Tujague's. I'm kind of tickled by the old-school food and set menu. Still worth going to, or a major tourist trap?

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I will second the Cochon recommendation. Go with someone you know who will share, that way you can taste more of the menu. Lunch or dinner, both are good and it is close to the convention center, very walkable, if the convention center is where you will be during the day.

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Are you asking because it's still hurricane season? Some years the end of September brings lovely weather to NOLA. Sometimes it is still extremely humid and sticky and there might be a hurricane. I'd guess the average temp that time of year to be 80-85.


If it's a hurricane that worries you-you could always buy trip insurance, just in case.

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Here ya go, New Orleans monthly temperature averages

Month Low High

Jan 43.4°F 61.8°F

Feb 46.1°F 65.3°F

Mar 52.7°F 72.1°F

Apr 58.4°F 78.0°F

May 66.4°F 84.8°F

Jun 72.0°F 89.4°F

Jul 74.2°F 91.1°F

Aug 73.9°F 91.0°F

Sept 70.6°F 87.1°F

Oct 60.2°F 79.7°F

Nov 51.8°F 71.0°F

Dec 45.6°F 64.5°

Plus precipatation and sunshine.


personally, I prefer October to September.


Prior to the year of hurricanes, would anyone ever of given it a second thought?

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Prior to the year of hurricanes, would anyone ever of given it a second thought?

i was planning to go till someone mentioned it on this thread. which made me think....


Think about what? Hurricanes, almost always, come from way out in the Atlantic and we know that they are coming. This beats the hell out of 100 years ago when the weather just kind of got dark and then, all of a sudden, the world blew up. Getting away is no big deal, if that's what you choose to do (believe me, for lifetime residents, as was demonstrated during The Thing, it's a very hard choice-though I suspect the next close call will be a different situation. Hell, I evacuated for the first time in my life during Katrina, and I still waited til Sunday night to make up my mind-though my ex and my children had left on Sat morning).


Late Summer (Sept through Oct) are great times to come, but if you can deal with the heat, this is a really inexpensive place to be during the middle of the Summer. Hotels are just about giving away really nice rooms, especially on the weekends and restaurants aren't crowded. Plus, as an added bonus, you don't have to bring much in the way of clothes as you don't need many. It's hot, you won't want them, at all, as soon as the doors downstairs at the airport slide back and that tidal wave of humidity and heat hits your face.


Come on down, the water's fine. So is the food.


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