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I've got Moose meat...

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Hmm. I had this filed under "thread least likely to be suddenly revived." :lol:



HA! Think again, Wilfrid! :P


I just took the moose sausage out of the freezer to make something tomorrow night. Problem is, I don't know what it's seasoned with (if anything, but then it would just be ground meat, not sausage, right?). So, when it thaws, I'll have to cook a bit to decide what to use it for. Dear ol' dad said to make spaghetti sauce out of it- we'll see. If not too distinctively spicy, I may make something like the mooseballs described above by fantasy. If it is italiany flavored, maybe stuffed shells.

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"Hello, this is the offices of Dr. Octagon.

If you have insurance or medical problems, I'm here for you

for any type of intestine surgery, rectal rebuilding, relocated

saliva glands... and chimpanzee acne! And of course moose bumps.

You can call 1-800PP51-DooDoo. I'm in your corner."

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