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Today I caught myself humming...

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Today's song is something by the Scissor Sisters. I'm not sure which one it is, but I've caught myself crooning, "Sha-mon, sha-mon" more times that I care to admit to. And it's only 11:30.   Pers

[rant]Every Saturday,after a busy workday,I wander wearily home through Soho,thru thickets of waddling camera toting,cell phone yakking tourists.....and 'Heroin' by the Velvet Underground plays over and over in my head."And the heroin is in my blood,and the blood is in my head,and thank your God that I'm good as dead,..And thank your god that I just don't care,and thank God that I'm not aware,and I guess that I just don't know,and I guess that I just don't know"....this is a mystery to me.I've never used heroin,or wanted to,and don't want to die at the end of my workday,just go home and rest:-]

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We BUILT this city on ROCK and ROOOOOLLLL !!!

and yet you will chastise me for liking 'Yes'. :P :)

You bet I will! I was just doing evil by trying to get that stupid song stuck in people's heads. I hate that fucking song.


Right now, I'm hanging out with a bottle of 1998 Guigal C-R and my National Tricone, mucking around with some badly-played-but-heartfelt slide blues.

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On Monday I heard What is Love from Orphee et Euridice by Gluck on the radio. I simply have been unable to stop myself whistling and humming it ever since.


That must be one of the most haunting melodies ever written, even challenging the introductory bars of Mozart's Piano Concerto 23 (Elvira Madigan).

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