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Today I caught myself humming...

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Today's song is something by the Scissor Sisters. I'm not sure which one it is, but I've caught myself crooning, "Sha-mon, sha-mon" more times that I care to admit to. And it's only 11:30.   Pers

Also, "Pure and Easy"  (?--I am terrible with titles) from a Townsend solo effort.



Pure and Easy was part of the Lifehouse project, meant to be a Who project (leftovers turned into the Who's Next album, arguably the best of their career and one of the better rock albums of all time). that project never came to life (until recently, when there's been talk of him doing something with the remnants), but a full Who version did appear on their Odds and Sods album back in 74 or so. that version, i think, is the seminal version of that song, and better than any of the versions Townshend recorded without the Who. a beautiful song, either way.


Happy Jack was indeed credited to Townshend. although many would argue that the band made those songs what they were, regardless of who wrote them.


edited for tiypos. spent 3 hours at bouley with chop today, and now i'm sweating and tired.

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That counts as a food post. :D It also counts as a long lunch.


I could kick myself for always leaving the 'h' out of Townshend. A long-standing bad habit. Like I still misspell Winona Ryder, although I did eventually stop calling Liza Lisa. Oh it all makes a kind of sense...

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A much superior lyric to Happy Jack also.

who do i contact to change my screen name.


in an effort to challenge the assertion that townshend is a gifted lyricist (i agree), i ran through a few bad who songs, only to find "You Better, You Bet" going through my mind almost instantly. thanks wilfrid.

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