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It has been a month so my memory of what we all ate is a little fuzzy and I did not take notes or pictures. 3 in my group are vegetarians but they had plenty of choice which made it a great place;-) I had one of the specials which was a Chicken Marsala kind of a dish. What I liked was it and the accompaniments tasted fresh, flavorful. We ordered a Cabernet off the list and it was smooth and full bodied.


What more would you like to know?

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I think we'll be here for a week in late July. Any tips would be very much appreciated!


the most exciting aspect is of course the great barrier reef. we stayed at a Best Western in cairns right on the water and walking distance to everything. (114 aussie)

you can do white water rafting but frankly it was disappointing.

we walked around the 2 or 3 blocks of eating places and picked a place. nothing was memorable, i am sorry to say except the fettucina i mentioned up thread. lots of choices.

there was also a malay place that was recommended on Sheilds.


have a nice trip:-)


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I guess I can add a little bit here. We were staying in a resort a little north of Cairns, but were in Cairns for a day. We had brunch at Perrottas at the gallery, supposedly "new Australian". It was good. Other than that the town is extremely touristy. The esplanade was nice enough -- we sat under a palm tree for an hour and watched rainbow lorikeets flitting around. The Skyrail is also cool, you basically sail up over the rainforest canopy and can get off at a couple of stations to walk around and ogle giant dr. seuss plants. Unfortunately the destination, Kuranda, is also a tourist trap. The resort we stayed at was called Kewarra. Their on-site restaurant is good but if you are looking for a foodie vacation this will probably not be your thing. But if you just want to sit on a quiet sandy beach all day in a beautful setting with very friendly service, with the occasional day-trip to the reef, I would recommend it.


For anyone thinking of making the trip, you are better off avoiding Cairns and staying in Palm Cove or Port Douglas. The beaches are stunning and uncrowded. Snorkeling/diving on the great barrier reef -- really one of the most impressive and beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. I could have happily swum around for days on end just looking at everything, it's like being in a color-saturated version of outer space.


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It's been years, but the main reason to go to Cairn's is the barrier reef. Swimming on any of the beaches up there (up to Port Douglas) is restricted in many months do to box jellyfish, a particularly venomous (fatal) type. The bigger cities have nets around the beach to protect the bathers.


The reef is a few hours out. It's worth it to take the fancy quick catamarin at double the cost of the slower boats. Be sure to bring your seasockness pills.


The underwater expereince is absolutely amazing. And because many places are less than 20 feet deep, it's great for snorkeling.


Did you know that giant clams are magenta or green but never "clam" (i.e. grey) colored?



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The dive co. we went with was Poseidon, which was based out of Port Douglas. It took us about 1.5 hours to get to the reef. Nice weather, so the ride was quite smooth. Winter (their winter) is really the time to go -- no box jellyfish, and if you are lucky you might see some whales. (Unfortunately we didn't.)

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