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[Austin] La Traviata Mother's Day Brunch Menu

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Marion and the folks at La Traviata have put together a wonderful menu for Mother's Day. How do I know that, you ask? Well............she invited a group of regulars on Sunday to a special tasting of her brunch menu. F52, J and myself were seated together. We started with an appetizer for the table of smoked salmon with mixed greens capers and diced red onion. It went well with the Mimosa I was having. I had the Bolognese, which is about the best you'll find this side of Emilia-Romagna. J had the hanger steak with a poached egg, polenta and sauted spinach. I tasted the polenta. Oh, man! It was cooked to the right consistency and was flavored with just a little parmeasan. F52 had the poached eggs with crunchy proscuito and bread crumbs. I sampled some of that too, and thought it was fantastic. (you'll notice I didn't share any of my Bolognese. It's just too good!)


I will certainly be there on the 13th even if my mom is back East.




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Heirloom tomato salad. The addition of capers added a salty touch.


Eggs with pancetta and fried breadcrumbs. Marion used leftover Italian bread and fried it in olive oil. Reminiscent of English fried bread but not greasy, and so much more delicious! The photo is a little blurry....


Hangar steak with polenta and greens


Lovely fruit plate with warm chocolate chip cookies. Yes, those are blood orange slices.


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