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Seattle, Portland & Wine

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would like to ask for help in the trip planning - coming for a vendor meeting in Portland but thinking of flying to Seattle, sticking around (or not) for July 4th, and then driving to Portland.


Must visits:

Tacoma Museum of Glass.

Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft.

Deschutes Brewery.


Pike Place Market (probably not opened on July 4th?)

High Spirits distillery (i really would like to get a bottle of Aviation gin).


Any advice on where to stay (what areas) (in both Seattle and Portland),

or to see - outdoor sculpture, modern architecture etc...


thanks much!



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oh Leslie, this is so sweet - i was too shy to ask about this :blush:

we should be around the 3rd and 4th but i bet you folks have better plans for holidays than entertaining strangers :lol:

First of all you are not strangers! And we will be in town the 3rd and 4th! I would be delighted to get something organized! :)

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Wendy, i got an email from House Spritis - they should be around the boutique when i'm in Portland so i'm planning to check them there :)


and yes, the lunch on 3rd will work - but you guys please pick the place - i'll just go with the flow.

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Great! Those are good ideas. Rocky also mentioned the idea that perhaps we could all join in for the Pike Place Market Crawl for lunch on that Thursday... would that work? Allyson said last night that she thinks she can join us for lunch that day, too.

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We should be up for a July 3rd lunch as well :)


Maybe Lunchbox Lab? Or would Salumi be open?


Welcome back Wendy!


I would love a Lunchbox Lab trip. I can't finish anything if I go alone!

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Sounds like you are focused on food/beverage but while you are there additional tourist suggestions can be obtained from any PNW MFF person but I liked these, too:

Jimi Hendrix gravesite in Renton

Costco headquarters

Seattle Underground tour (wonderfully tacky and Mario Batali's father's meat shop nearby)

Lots of stuff to see around Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Puget Sound fireworks everywhere on the 4th but start late (10-ish)

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