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went to sun wah (1134 W. Argyle, 773-769-1254 )on labor day with my kids, nerow, and our friend ronnie_suburban (and his family.) I've been going here somewhat regularly for the last few years, this was the best meal yet.


all of these pics are ronnie's, i hope he doesn't mind me sharing them here.


bejing duck. they serve the duck with bao instead of pancakes. it was awesome. they made a winter melon soup with the carcass and duck fried rice with the leftover meat.



garlic ribs. i have no idea how they make these. i think they are roasted and then deep fried? my son ate half the platter.



citrus fried chicken. once again, no idea how they made this. i think it was marinated, steamed, and then deep-fried?



beef chow fun. delicious. the noodles were nice and crispy.



we also had soft-shelled crabs, wonton soup, and stir fried baby bok choy.


with tip and one (wtf?) beer it was $14 per person.


a lot of these dishes need to be ordered ahead, it's worth it.

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I was first introduced to those garlic fried ribs a few weeks ago. They are insanely good, to the point where you just can't appreciate how good they are until you've actually tried them. Neither words nor pictures can do them justice.

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Love Sun Wah . . . could eat there everyday. Thanks, G, for posting those pics.


To continue the 'esoterica' aspect of this thread, San Wah is closed on Thursdays. Fortunately, Tank Noodle -- arguably Chicago's best Vietnamese -- is right across the street from Sun Wah and open on Thursdays. However, they're closed on Wednesdays . . . :huh:




Sun Wah BBQ Restaurant

1134 W Argyle St

Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 769-1254


Tank Noodle

4953 N Broadway St

Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 878-2253

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