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An annoying little piece, and soon Bruni will have been around long enough for us to say "typically annoying". Who cares whether the servers mentioned Nish's name or not. I have absolutely no recollection of it being mentioned when I've dined there. How irrelevant.


It was Bruni who was twittering on about Jean-Georges' name, and how he was worthy of "ellipticity" or something.

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My wife and I had a top notch spur of the moment dinner at March last night. Service was exemplary from the get-go as Chuck Mason took care of us.


I wanted to go for the 5 course dual tasting menu but my there were a few too many items that weren't of interest to my wife so we went with our own 4 course menus.


We were each served an amuse of fois gras mousse with a port wine reduction which was splendid. The port wine reduction tasted almost of jelly. My wife doesn't care for fois gras so double bonus for me.


We then shared the famous Beggar's Purse of lobster and truffles which seemed to be loaded with truffles. A dozen of them would make for a nice dim sum lunch and only set you back $300!.


First: Venison carpaccio with truffles and a quail egg for me was perfect. Very delicate but tasty venison was sent over the top by the truffles and egg. Also picture perfect on the plate.


Hirame sashimi with white soy, sesame seeds and olive oil had melt in your mouth buttery fish.


Second: Scallop with cauliflower with parsley puree for me was the only just okay dish. Nothing wrong with it but nothing special.


Poached lobster with some flavored polenta for her was outstanding. Lobster wasn't tough or mushy but just firm to the bite.


Third: Grilled squab breast and braised leg for me with some sort of rice (the wine and sake had kicked in) was great for the beginning of fall.


Tuna with coconut milk and citrus for her was another example of raw fish that seemed to melt on the tongue.


Desserts were chocolate 7 ways and a banana marquis with a banana bon bon. Both very good but not exceptional.


The wines included a sake to start followed by a Gruner Vetliner, Sangiovese and finally a Muscat.


Chef Nish came out several times to chat.


This was my first time at the restaurant and I was a bit unsure of how our experience would turn out after reading some of the posts here and on other sites but I'm happy to say that March was "on" last night and made for a memorable dining experience.

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Were the Beggar's Purses on the menu? That's an interesting economic indicator. When times were bad, they were removed from the menu but were still available on request, then I think they disappeared completely. Good to know they're back.

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Were the Beggar's Purses on the menu? That's an interesting economic indicator. When times were bad, they were removed from the menu but were still available on request, then I think they disappeared completely. Good to know they're back.

Not listed on the menu but offered by the waiter with the price of $25 fully disclosed.

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For various reasons, we sort of accidentally ended up having dinner at March. We have had some fine times there in the past, but hadn't been returned for several years - and had not heard many positive comments in the mean-time.


Sadly, we found a restaurant which had severely edited itself. I remember it used to offer several different tasting menus, quite a few rather inventive dishes - especially some of the vegetable options - and an ambitious wine list. To my suprise, we were handed rather unappealing laminated menus, listing a five course (dual) tasting and the carte - with the invitation to swap dishes from the carte into the tasting at will. The wine list was even more meagre. I think I counted eight Bordeauxs. Were there any Rhone wines? And the prices - many bottles in the $50/$60 range, and then the odd $800 splurge. Not much in between: it looked like a very depleted cellar. Our main server was good - the back-up inept.


We were guided to a nice wine on the list, a 2001 1er Cry Savigny-le-Beaune at $68. It turned out to be a Rosenthal selection, very Burgundy-like and entirely ready for drinking. I have it in my mind that the producer was Jean-Marc Morey, but now I look at other information, I am not sure he makes a Savigny. Anyway, it seemed a bargain.


A quick run-down on the dinner. The beggar's purses (lobster and truffle only offered) were nothing like truffly enough for the price ($25 for a bite-sized dumpling). Local foie gras, a bit over-done I thought, but my Beloved liked it. Oysters had a way too sharp citrusy dressing. Sweet potato tortellini were pleasant and sort of Christmassy, if you know what I mean. The pork belly was as good as the rendition at Degustation I recently praised; garnished with a slightly too sharply dressed frisee salad. Warm smoked salmon was a bit of an odd fish entree - a huge slab of the stuff, just sort of warmed, and then besieged with an orange foam of the same flavor. Clumsy, I thought. And so it went on, through meat entrees largely lost to my memory. One noticeable feature of the dinner was that dishes seemed to come out from the kitchen without a pause, at random temperatures. Hot entrees were not hot enough, but appeared instantly the previous course was cleared. It was as if no-one was cooking, only plating pre-pared food. Oh, cheeses were awful. Little cold snippets of nothing. The


March opened, I think, in 1990, and hasn't the landscape changed since then? Sixteen years ago, if I am correct, Daniel didn't exist (Boulud was still at Le Cirque), Jean-Georges was at JoJo, Bouley was about to open his first eponymous restaurant. I guess Le Bernardin was there, and I guess Soltner was still cooking at Lutece. What a breath of fresh air March must have been. A sad decline.

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I had a disappointing dinner at March a few weeks ago. So much so that I have refrained from posting about it. The restaurant was empty on a Friday night. Our server was unprofessional and inattentive. We opted for the 8 course chef's tasting menu as this was a special occassion. It contained many of the same dishes that I had at a dinner there more than 3 years ago. The wine pairings were uninspired and way too new world for this cuisine. The dinner was outrageously expensive, easily eclipsing what I have spent at restaurants like Bouley, Daniel, Atelier, and ADNY. I will never return there.

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This blurb was in "Off the Menu" today.


After more than 16 years, Wayne Nish and Joseph Scalice are closing March, their town house restaurant, on Jan. 1 to make it less formal. Later in the month, with the tablecloths gone, Mr. Nish will start serving a new a la carte menu. The current chef, Harold Moore, will depart.


The new restaurant will be called Nish.

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