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I listen to This American Life at the gym. I need music for cardio, but This American Life makes the weight training and stretching go by fast.   I've also been watching the Callie Lewis GeekBrie

TED Talks?

I've been listening to Throughline from NPR.  They provide historical context for many of today's issues. The episodes on the origins of the police in the US and race in Europe/US were terrific.

Just curious -- what makes a podcast a podcast? As opposed to a video?

One very important implementation detail about podcasts vs YouTube video, at least on iPhone* , is the ability to play in the background.


If you are listening to a YouTube video on iPhone and then start doing something else ie start navigating with Goog Maps while driving, YouTube stops because it doesnt play in the background, by default. It wasnt designed to do so (or maybe Apple doesnt even allow 3rd party apps to do so ??? not sure if this is still the case but it was so at one point)


The iPhone Music and PodCast apps are built to automatically play in the background.


For my use cause, that is an absolute requirement


Once again this is a current implementation design limitation and not something inherent to video that couldnt be resolved in the future


* I have read about work arounds for this on the internets (some required jail breaking which I will NOT consider) a while ago but I had issues with them. Too lazy to check out the situation now because its not a current problem for me


If this problem is now solved AND you have personally verified that it works, please do tell

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I am all about the podcasts, so I'm coming to your rescue, Chambolle. I access these through the podcasts app on my iphone.


A recent favorite has been Buried Truths, about being black and voting in Georgia in the 1950s. It's made by a history professor at Emory U in Atlanta, and it's very well done. 6 episodes, I believe.


Slate has Slow Burn- The premise is to unpack history "as it happened", and revealing the info in order of it coming to light, and including some completely forgotten things. The first series is about Watergate, and how that all came about/fell apart. The second series is only 2 episodes in so far, and it's about The whole Bill Clinton impeachment. I know you said that politics weren't your thing, but these are mostly historical, not current political, although you do see current politicos pop up in both stories.


I also enjoy Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. He is a good interviewer, and doesn't let people gloss over the easy answer, for instance "I moved the New York in..." "Wait- why did you decide that? how much money did you save up? where was your first apartment?", etc. His interview with Billy Joel made me love that guy. His interview with Paul Simon made me hate that guy.


You Must Remember This is a podcast mostly about "Old Hollywood", but she does an excellent job of setting the scene- telling the story of the social climate around events. I listened to the Charles Manson series (9 episodes) and the Jean and Jane series (also 9 episodes), about Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda, who were basically the same age, except of course (spoiler alert!) one's dead. There are series' on Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, and a series called "Dead Blondes", about blondes that did not die well.... Also a multi-part about Joan Crawford.

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I've been listening to Throughline from NPR.  They provide historical context for many of today's issues. The episodes on the origins of the police in the US and race in Europe/US were terrific.

Just started listening to Louder Than a Riot -- also NPR.  Discussing the intersection of Rap music, crime and incarceration.  Also very good.

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