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I have wanted to buy a duck press for a while. I learned from Lucas Carton that they sold the duck press they used to have in their dining room to another customer, and I was too late. This one looks kind of "squat", but the price is not bad currently.


I was intrigued by the duck press displays on the ground floor of La Tour d'Argent, and I plan to go back in the next few years to get my second duck number.

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Well, I got a fresh pheasant at Quattro on Friday.   Roasted it, after much conversation with several people, much research.   Pancetta on the breast, blah blah blah. Did everything right.  

I have wanted to buy a duck press for a while. I learned from Lucas Carton that they sold the duck press they used to have in their dining room to another customer, and I was too late. This one look

deco - http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1303/A130301/13076679/   la chasse - http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1307/A130701/13025071/   takajo kotobuki - legendary but very hard to book - http://tabelog.com/toky

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Success on the woodcock front at last!! Got one from Wyndhams at Borough yesterday. I had to ask about it, then the guy went into the storeroom and brought one out, wings still attached and feathers on. Watching him prepare it was pretty interesting, took out the eyes and tucked the beak through the thighs. It was 8.50 and he was embarrased that they cost that much so he threw in a partridge for free!! Nice guy and the quality of the birds there is always superb - also beautifully prepped and presented.


I gave it a simple roast after searing it in butter, put some of the trail in a brandy/wine/demiglace sauce and the rest on toast. I gave it 18 minutes in a very hot oven, and it came out still a little pink, although a hair more done than I would have liked. I thought the bird was very good rather than great, the fragrance of grouse remains the ultimate game taste for me. I enjoyed the much whiter meat around the legs and the interesting slightly fatty layer between the legs and back, not something I've noticed in other birds so much. I loved the slightly metallic/ammoniac tinge of the trail - wonderful - but wasn't so blown away by the brain, I was expecting it to be a bit jucier and gelatinous. A great experience allround though. I think I need to eat a restaurant version to give me some comparison....


I think my count for the season is:


Partridge 10 or so

Mallard 1

Grouse 2

Teal 1

Wood Pidgeon 2

Woodcock 1


Not long to go though.


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I've been thrashing around through my notebooks for a while and I finally found this. It's in quotes, so I must have stolen it from someone: "Pochard, Gadwall, Goldeneye, Mallard, Pintail, Shoveller, Teal, Tufted Duck and Wigeon

are the [duck] species shot in Britain."


I suppose none of them but teal and mallard are available in the US. Anybody know of mail-order sources for others?

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These were awesome. Right up there with the best I've had in France.


The importer gave them to me at a good price (if you're a Brit you'll still find it shockingly high - $30) because they were somewhat larger than what restaurants like to buy, but I didn't think that accounted for the extra punch, so I asked him how come they were so much better than what I've gotten from d'Artagnan before. He said he couldn't refer to any specific importer (even though this guy knows everything and everyone in the high end food biz) but that it's likely that all game birds making it to the US come from "game farms" that feed the birds so they don't fly much and then process the catch as if it were commodity chicken, while he only buys certified wild game - innards, blood, and feathers intact.

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