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Sammy's Famous Roumanian Restaurant

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That's the secret of enjoying Sammy's. Eat as little as possible.

Ketle (sic) One vodka? More like Shtetl One, amirite?

Go with a group.. Its the type of place where if you are eating with 2 people or 6 people you will order the same amount of food, the bar tab is the only thing that will change.   I will speak stri

"I did not find the service to be exceptionally obnoxious." :D


No, he spends two paragraphs on the service and he liked it:



The servers follow a template unique to this restaurant, too, dressed in Sammy’s T-shirts and jeans with a dishrag swinging from one pocket. Speed trumps ceremony. Standing over a metal bowl of chopped liver, they pour a cascade of schmaltz from on high, go at the liver with forks to mix in the shredded radishes, fried onions and lumps of fried chicken skin, and do not necessarily notice the stray bits that escape the bowl and land on the table. The ritual ends, not with “bon appétit” or “enjoy your meal” but with, “O.K., start eating.”


The classic style of waiting tables at Lower East Side Jewish restaurants, by turns cranky, funny and crankily funny (discerning one from another could take decades of practice) probably died with Ratner’s, but flashes of it still surface at Sammy’s. One night, when we kept asking our server if we’d ordered enough, he rolled his eyes, checked his watch and said, “Tell you what: If you’re still hungry, the Chinese food will be here at 9:30.”


It's only the grime that goes unmentioned.

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Like a gay waiter calling a customer a limp-wristed poof?


Edited to make analogy precise.

No. Because Jews DO tend to have big noses. The question is whether you're going to enjoy being somewhere that isn't a problem, or deny that you're part of a group with characteristics.

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I'm sitting in a wine bar in East Williamsburg enjoying a solo aperitif before meeting folks for dinner, and realize i am muttering "hmm, big fat poof, limp-wristed poof? Hmm..."


Take me away.

That isn't a place that expressly references and in fact caters to that culture

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Jews tend to have big noses and Mouthfuls is ON IT.


The all-too-simple point is that someone going out for dinner might object to being called a big noses Jew, or a limp-wristed poof, or a real darkie, or one of those slanty eyed chinks--however the server self-identifies.


Poor guy is just trying to have dinner.

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