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Sammy's Famous Roumanian Restaurant

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That's the secret of enjoying Sammy's. Eat as little as possible.

Ketle (sic) One vodka? More like Shtetl One, amirite?

Go with a group.. Its the type of place where if you are eating with 2 people or 6 people you will order the same amount of food, the bar tab is the only thing that will change.   I will speak stri



Just watched this season's Nurse Jackie episode 5: does Sammy's really look like that?


'It's like an adult bar mitzvah.'


We were there the other night. That is exactly what it is.



Actually, it looked a little cleaned up for TV.




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You almost make me want to ask what you ate that was palatable?


I think the chopped liver, prepared tableside, is their best dish: objectively better than anything I've ever had anywhere else. Of course, the "anywhere else" was always at home: it's not common to see this in restaurants.


The steak is obviously not a bargain, but you're paying for the live music too, and you need to find that humorous. Otherwise, it's just over-priced steak. However, it is not unpalatable. It's just not great steak qua steak.

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The chopped liver was excellent, and the egg creams are good because (a) you make them yourself and (b) the seltzer in those siphon bottles is more powerful than any other kind of seltzer. Otherwise, eh.

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looking back on this thread.. apparently, we have been discussing the burnt onions off and on since the beginning of this thread.. Burnt onions are where it's at.

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