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Sammy's Famous Roumanian Restaurant

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David swears by the chopped chicken liver that you have to schmear on a piece rye bread—he calls it Jewish guacamole—and the rendered chicken fat known as schmaltz that should adorn every table in the restaurant. When it comes to dessert, there’s no question: rugelach (which David refers to as a Jewish version of a Fig Newton) and an egg cream.


I've never heard of either chicken liver being called Jewish guacamole, nor rugelach being called Jewish Fig Newtons...until now.

Yeah, but you're not in need of coming up with catchy phrases & ideas to make the old, unknown to youngsters & non-NY’ers, into new/relevant/understandable/attractive ideas to the small plates crowd in your newly young area.

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That's the secret of enjoying Sammy's. Eat as little as possible.

Ketle (sic) One vodka? More like Shtetl One, amirite?

Go with a group.. Its the type of place where if you are eating with 2 people or 6 people you will order the same amount of food, the bar tab is the only thing that will change.   I will speak stri

You think that piece was edited? Because all these mistakes made it in:


1. celebratory, familiarness

2. the origins of the first iteration of Sammy’s is a mystery

3. Sammy’s took its namesake from Sammy Friedman


I also have my doubts about "long-standing neighbor," but apparently people use that phrase. Wrong people, says me.

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Katz’s deli “embraces every facet of old world Judaism,” except for the Latino staff and it’s not kosher. Apart from that.


What is Ketle One (sic)?


It’s Peter Luger, not Peter Luger’s.


What is familiar about large Jewish gatherings where “everyone gets drunk”?


I suggest you “peek” rather than “peak” inside. Actually I don’t suggest either.


But above all, if Sammy’s is the best steakhouse in New York, Jeremy Glass is the best writer.


ETA: sorry I just dived in, some of these were corrected upthread

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Old world Jewish?


Well, Goyix. 


But you should realize that Jews ran many (most?) of Romania's taverns and quite a few grill restaurants - those were kosher where they were in Jewish towns but not necessarily so in Bucharest. As for the "drinking a lot" part - from a paper on alcoholism in Romania:


Another measure, essentially political, but which decreased significantly the number of alcoholic shops, was the withdrawal of the spirituous beverages patent from the Romanian Jews in 1940. Taking into account that they had 30.3% of the total pubs, according to a statistic made in 1920 in Transylvania, and that in Moldova the percentage was even higher, this measure should have been followed by the decreasing of alcoholic shops [11].


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